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Posted 25 November 2022

Dungeons & Dragons adventure begins board game £11.24 with code @ bargainmax.co.uk

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NOW REDUCED AGAIN! With code £7.49 delivered!
Cheapest I’ve seen it and free delivery
£14.99 down to £11.24 with 25% off Black Friday code

QUICK ENTRY TO DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Step into the exciting world of D&D with the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins board game. Designed for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up
COOPERATIVE FANTASY GAME: This fantasy board game is a portal to the monsters, magic, and heroes of Dungeons & Dragons. Players work together as they journey through the lands of Neverwinter
QUICK GAMEPLAY: Players can choose and customize their heroes, battle iconic D&D monsters, and experience a new adventure every time. So, step forward, brave heroes; adventure awaits
CHOOSE A JOURNEY FOR YOUR PARTY: Choose a journey and which Boss your party of heroes will fight in the end. Choose from Felbris (Beholder), Orn (Fire Giant), Deathsleep (Green Dragon) and The Kraken
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    Go to view basket and checkout and there is a drop down tab. (Please see the photo I have attached
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    My 10 year old loved this game! Does anyone know of another similar? Would it be sensible to get something like the D&D starter kit instead?
    I'd recommend the 'essentials kit' over the original 'starter set'. It adds character creation if wanted and side kicks (allowing 2 player play, 1 player + 1 DM) to the basic rule book, has extra dice and comes with some nice extras over the starter set (map poster, DM screen, useful cards). Then the only thing you'll be missing from the starter set is the ready made character sheets (available to print online) and the excellent 'Mines of Phandelver' adventure, which is also freely available online.
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    Might want to check the price there...
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    Played it for the 1st time this week, had it a while from the same deal ages ago.
    Fantastic game, really does pull kids into the world of D&D. You get so much for just over a tenner, and all scripted so you pick up and play for a few hours. You can speed up \ slow down the game by veering off for monster encounters. Role play as much as you want to as you go but it promotes a bit of creativity.

    Really do reccomend. (edited)
    Agreed. Picked it up last time it was on offer to play with my 10 and 7 year old. They absolutely love it. At first I played the DM and narrated but now we all take it in turns and it's great to see their imaginations come out. Its taken them away from Roblox etc and really is great family time.
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    Got this recently and my ten year old and thirteen year old loved it!
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    Oooft I thought my latest kickstarter was pricey!
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    What a difference a decimal point makes!!! Eek
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    What's this like? I mostly play light to medium tabletop board games would I like it?
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    Went to trustpilot, it seems the company has problems on delivery and refund. Some items people ordered just didn't turn up. It is a shame, I won't risk it.
    Recently ordered 2 massive boxes of stuff. No issues at all. Ordered 9th November delivery arrived 18th November. Used them twice prior to this with no issues also. Just ordered this too.
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    I can’t find where to add the discount code?
    That’s my struggle too!
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    Likely to end tonight according to a banner on the site: "ALL DEALS END MIDNIGHT"
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    Back In Stock
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    Just received an email to say it’s back in stock if anyone is interested. The code still works too.