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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Mayhem Card Game: Monster Madness - £18.80 @ Amazon

£18.80£37.9951% off
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I was going to buy Dungeon Mayhem, but wanted to have up to 6 players. so this worked better, and down to £18.80

Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness New Multiplayer Rules For the first time, play with up to six players! The new multiplayer rules keep the game fast-paced and include players after they’re knocked out!

Six Brand New Decks Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness includes six new ready-to-play 28-card decks. Crazy new Mighty Powers means game after game packed with action.

Monster-Sized Box - The box holds all six decks, plus all the base game and expansion decks. Use Monster Madness to store your whole Dungeon Mayhem collection!

• 6 x Hit Point Trackers
• 12 x Hit Point Tokens
• 6 x Reference Cards
• 12 x Damage Tokens
• 12 x Divider Cards
• 6 x 28-card Decks
• 1 x Storage Box
• 1 x Rules Sheets
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    Is this a full game?

    Is this a full game? (edited)
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    this is the cheapest price atm, but other retailers show rrp as 23.99 not 37.99 that amazon pretends so they can show a big discount
    I agree with you, Amazon pricing can be....challenging....have a look at what's going on a daily basis with the Heroquest posts at the moment, £99, then £40 then £66 then £40 then £99, then £40 again all within a week....
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    Good price.
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    Looking to get into card games again, is this a good one?
    When i first played Dungeon Mayhem, (this is the first and on Amazon for around £11) I was a bit dubious, but it's a very easy (and fun) game, and great to play with kids. It can be a bit competitive to be the last person standing, I think my kids love killing me off before they lay into each other.... This is a good video (but a bit loud!) on how to play How to Play Dungeon Mayhem - YouTube
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    Would this be okay for a 5 year old? He's been playing Adventure Begins with me

    Also, am I missing anything without the "base" game or just as good having just this? (edited)
    This is the full game (minus expansion packs). Might be bit tricky for 5yr old. My lad starting playing it when he was 7 and my daughter was 9.
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    This game is so much fun!
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    Really fun filler game and the expansions give it a bit of longevity. We love it.

    I actually used it as a card game within my dnd campaign while players were missing ect
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    There are some Etsy sellers that sell upgraded health trackers for all the sets. Better quality heart tokens are also available.

    The after-market upgrades for board games are rather popular. (edited)
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