Dungeons (PC) £17.95 (preorder) at Zavvi +3,5% Cashback
Dungeons (PC) £17.95 (preorder) at Zavvi +3,5% Cashback

Dungeons (PC) £17.95 (preorder) at Zavvi +3,5% Cashback

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The successor to Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2

Dungeons follows the mis-adventures of the foremost of all Dungeon Lords, who spends his time luring heroes into his labyrinthine creations with the promise of treasure and a good fight -- only to be trapped by his ingenious devices. Once they are in his grasp, our Dungeon Lord must look after and cherish his new found prisoners until they are more comfortable with their surroundings because come the "harvest", happy heroes have more precious soul energy for you to gleefully extract via foul prisons or twisted torture chambers!

- Get ready for a fight! Lure 10 different hero classes into your dungeon where 15 different monsters lurk in the darkness.
- 20 challenging campaign missions demand all your cunning to succeed. Survive them - and there's still the custom game waiting for you
- In a dungeon there's only one way you can go and that's down. Conquer three different underworld levels and the bosses who guard them to become the one and only Dungeon Lord
- Prison cells and torture chambers are at your command and ready to capture your next hero and steal their precious soul energy
- Create the dungeon of your dreams (and heroes' nightmares) with 50 different objects at your disposal
- Wimpy goblin workers are awaiting your orders to create your next diabolical dungeon masterpiece


might need to point out its a pre order

Original Poster

Apologies, amended the title

If this isn't made by Bullfrog, it could be rubbish.

Still, the Dungeon Keeper games were some of the best ever, so I might take a punt...

aint touching this without a demo - but good price so have some heat.


loved 1+2 but will read into this one.

Saw the trailer on steam a while back, looks like dungeon keeper without the humour...

People who made Tropico 3 are doing it, and i don't think it's an actual sequel, just spiritual successor. I've also been informed by an employee working on the game it is planned to have Steamworks integration.

Oh man, the trailer looks BAAAAAAAAAAD.


Oh man, the trailer looks BAAAAAAAAAAD.

Yeah i'm a little unsure whether to pick this up, seems like the kind of game that will be less than £10 by summer and i can wait. There are plenty of other titles i'm saving my money for over the next 3 or 4 months.

Had forgoten all about the original dungeon keeper series until I saw this....now I'm feverently trying to run the original 2 dungeon keepers, on windows 7, running on a mac

Apparently the earlier reviewers are saying that "Dungeons" is all well and good as long as your not expecting Dungeon Keeper 3 and that you are spending more time "looking after" your captured heros than you are on your minions.

Hmmm...I want it to be awesome but I suspect it may not be
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