Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock £2.49 SportsDirect

Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock £2.49 SportsDirect

Found 10th Aug 2010
The Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock features a 90cm steel chain and 4 digit combination lock.
Product code: 939206


Wouldn't trust this lock for expensive bikes: Sportsdirect own the Dunlop brand and usually stick it on cheap generic items.

£3.99 delivery !!

Original Poster

Still not a bad lock just as an addition to a more expencive lock, or even just if you have a cheap bike,
And i though standard delivery was free their ?? :s

It's best to avoid combination locks. They really aren't secure.


These are rubbish... not even worth a quid if it was in the poundshops

Please do not lock your bike using this lock unless you have amazing household insurance. You would be better off using an old rope and a knot. Even poundland locks would be slightly more secure. At the age of 10 I got one of these for Christmas with my bike. Within a week I had learnt to pick the code within 20 seconds blindfolded. This would not be a good second lock to lock your quick release wheel with, as a thief could still get your wheel within 30 seconds without any tools.

kryptonite only if you want your bike when you come back
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