Dunlop logo Dunlop Special Edition 26 Inch - £69 @ Sports Direct
Dunlop logo Dunlop Special Edition 26 Inch - £69 @ Sports Direct

Dunlop logo Dunlop Special Edition 26 Inch - £69 @ Sports Direct

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The Dunlop Special Edition is a stunning bike at an affordable price. Complete with 18 speed twist grip gears, powerful V-brakes and a comfortable dual suspension frame, this bike is not to be missed!!

Dunlop Special Edition Tech Spec

> 18 inch Dual Suspension Steel Frame Mountain Bike
> 18 Speed Twist Grip Gears
> Front and Rear V-Brakes
> 26 inch Alloy Wheels
> Recommended for inside leg measurement 28-34 inches


In all seriousness, Dunlop bikes really are rubbish. They're made with the cheapest of cheap materials and really do have a tendency to fall apart very soon after you've put them together. It's extremely likely that the gears will constantly switch and I dare say that the brakes will be a death trap. It's like all the bikes from sports companies that don't specialise in bikes at all and just put their name on them.

Another point is that unless you're spending some serious money on a full suspension bike, you're going to be getting total rubbish - I'd say you have to spend at least £500 on a full suspension bike in order to get anything that isn't remotely bad.

What I'd recommend is spending a little bit more money and getting a bike from a reputable brand - Motor World are selling a Raleigh for £89.99 ( motor-world.co.uk/ind…046 ) - It's a rigid frame, but you can be assured that it will be well made and won't fall apart the first time you go on it. The components will also work.

I say all this for two reasons - if you buy a cheap bike like this, it'll put you off cycling for a long time - it's really not a pleasant experience. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, there are real safety aspects to consider - they are often dangerous.

The point I'm trying to make is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get something that's safe and ride-able (See the Raleigh above), but this really isn't the bike for that.
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cheers ryan+

Can i add my vote to Ryan's - there's no need to spend hundreds on a bike but do avoid steel-framed, full suspension bikes

thanks Ryan, do you know if this Raleigh bike is avalable in store ?

yup, i bought one of these less than a fortnight ago and sent it back after the right hand gear shift shredded on first use. The derailer cable goes into a nylon housing that just rips when you shift gears

My wife got one of these bikes and the gears fell apart after a few days. It has put her off cycling for good- we were miles from home when it happened! The saddles are extremely uncomfortable on these bikes and they as heavy as can be. Avoid like the plague!


thanks Ryan, do you know if this Raleigh bike is avalable in store ?

I would have thought so James - After all, you get a free service with them so you'd have to take it into store to get them to do that. If I was you, I'd give your local store a call and see if they stock it - if not, ask them if they could get you one into store.

Just to be clear about the bike, it will be heavy, even though there's no suspension - BUT, it's made by Raleigh so it will be well made and won't fall apart on first use. I recently bought a Specialised Allez road bike - it was £500 and after feeling the difference between that and a cheap bike (and to be fair, that's still very cheap for a road bike!), I can certainly say I will never be going back to spending less on a bike - it's a completely different experience.

Nah, you don't have to spend 500 quid on a bike to get something decent...200 quid nets you a very rideable bike from many specialist cycle stores...the ones from SD are not the best on the world, but like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Even those cheap Raleigh bikes aren't that good...assembled in China to poor standards...I bought a more expensive Raleigh bike for my son and it was trash. Go to a decent retailer who knows what they're talking about and get some proper advice.
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