Dunlop Tour TP11 Driver - 460cc 10.5 degree Golf Club  INSTORE and ONLINE! £5 @ Sports Direct

Dunlop Tour TP11 Driver - 460cc 10.5 degree Golf Club INSTORE and ONLINE! £5 @ Sports Direct

Found 2nd Aug 2012
I'm not brilliant at golf and I really need to lay out on a better set of clubs as I bought my set about 10 years ago and they were old then! Needed a Driver to complete my set but didn't want to spend a lot of money, so found this on the Sports Direct website.

Also found it in my local store - was marked up as £25.99 but asked them to check the price and it came up as £5, same as the website! Have already hit about 20 balls down the range with it and it seems excellent.

Note that it's the TP11, not the TP12 - think they are clearing out old stock.
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The blurb -

The Dunlop tour TP11 titanium matrix driver is designed to push the legal limit of 460cc, giving the maxmum sweet spot possible. The high moment of inertia golf head minimises twisting for more accurate and straighter shots off the tee. This driver is available in 10.5 Degree Loft.

The Dunlop tour TP11 fairway wood is packed with technology. It features extra distance, fairway seeking performance, with plenty of forgiveness. What else can you ask for!


Shaft: Steel
Flex: Regular
Options: 1 (Driver), 3 & 5 (Fairway)
Hand: Right Hand
I find the head of a Dunlop club goes further than the ball.
Yeah that happened to my mate, except it was a Wilson Driver not a Dunlop!!! He was fuming.

They don't make them like they used to, that's for sure. In fact when I was at the range, a young lad's club snapped about 6 inches from the head - he had a RAM junior set.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll get £5 of usage out of it before it snaps!
Well, you know what you will be getting (cheap tat) but for £5.00 you cant really complain. Though I'm sure the that guy the head flies into might have something to say.....
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