Dunlop Umbrella - Sports Direct - 2 for £5

Dunlop Umbrella - Sports Direct - 2 for £5

Found 6th Oct 2011
Went instore to collect mine as they dont guarantee a colour when delivered,

The quality is not as good as some of the old skool metal framed umbrellas that i'm used to but can't complain at this price.

If anybody knows of anything cheaper, please comment, as a quick search yielded nothing better:

,This performace umbrella is as useful off the course as a cheap umbrella as it is on the course.

>Moulded, ergonomic, rubber handle for extra grip
>Large surface area gives outstanding protection from the elements
>Strong steel shaft for durability
>Diameter: 1m
>Handle length:90cm

Please note that this umbrella comes in wide range of colours - Black, Blue, Red, Green - we can not guarantee which you will receive.
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My OH regularly loses his by leaving it on the train so its not worth paying a lot for a really good umbrella.
Will buy a couple of these for him now the weather is gettting worse.
I bought one of these on a recent trip to London (2 for 5, so I got one of these, and a little one for my girlfriend).

I stepped out of the door of lilliewhites in pic circus, I pressed the button to put it up and it turned outside in and fell apart!

The security guard laughed with me, then sent me back in to exchange it.

So... If you are REALLY cautious, these are good at keeping you dry. If you want to use it like a normal umbrella, and don't hold on and open it slowly, it'll break.

These are Rubbish even at £2.50
Just walk around any golf course in winter and the bins are full of these
and yes mine is in one of them.

Not worth it at all - spend a tenner on one elsewhere and it will last. And it you (or your husband) are prone to losing them, then maybe get a small one that fits in a bag. And if you work in London, please don't get a large one or a golfing one as there just isn't room on the streets - most inconsiderate to other pedestrians, I've been struck on the head/shoulder etc by them numerous times...
Won't bother then if they're that bad.
Was going to buy couple, glad I didn't now!
Not actually £2.50. The price to pay (should be displayed) is £5!
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