Duracell 3 for 1 @ Argos
Duracell 3 for 1  @ Argos

Duracell 3 for 1 @ Argos

£3.59 each---3 for 1 on duracell PLUS batteries. shows in store HUGE banner. DOES NOT say duracell plus 4+4 but we got ours (manager overide) as it doesnt state the 4+4 are excluded them being a duracell PLUS. give it a go. we essentially got 16 batteries for free on the 3 for 2 offer.


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why so cold?!??
can you not see a great deal.... if hte sign states 3 for 2 on all duracell plus,,,, its a winner because you could nicely argue its false advertising. geee....

Perhaps if you headed you deal as 3 for 1 the level of saving you achieved would have been more obvious? Or perhaps if you'd described the 4 + 4 as 4 + 4 Free? If you don't mind getting a manager involved it's a good deal so I've given it some heat.
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