Duracell Charge Base (Xbox 360) - £17.26 @ Amazon

Duracell Charge Base (Xbox 360) - £17.26 @ Amazon

Found 1st May 2011
Play.com have this for £39.99 which seems way overpriced but so to do a few other sites have it for about the same. So for what should be good quality controller charger, its pretty cheap.


Nice one ! ! Even icludes 2 x rechargable battery packs. Ordered n heated......!!

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No prob, ive just ordered aswell. Was still looking, but this is the only one out there that seems to be what i need, black, works on mains and isnt cheap rubbish that will break straight away.

Got mine and it's a brilliant piece of kit for the money.....
Price has more than doubled to over £36 now......!

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I got mine too, out of interest did yours come with a euro plug? mine did but they refunded me 10% off the price to buy a plug adapter
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