Duracell Pad & Move Charger For PS3 - £22.85 Delivered *Using Voucher Code SS2* @ The Hut

Duracell Pad & Move Charger For PS3 - £22.85 Delivered *Using Voucher Code SS2* @ The Hut

Found 31st Mar 2011
Free up some of those USB ports on your PS3 ot just have one place to store your controllers. This will allow you to store/charge 2 x pad controllers, 1 x move controller and 1 x navigation controller.

WH Smith Entertainment - £ 24.93
Asda Entertainment - £ 24.91
Amazon - £27.02
Play.com - £ 29.99

Official Blurb .......

There is a need for a Sony PS3 charger for the controller, Move controller and Sub-controller? You need to charge your controllers after a game and store until the next time you play? There is a need to charge your controllers without having to switch on your console? All this is possible with the Duracell Pad & Move Charger. The Duracell Charger Pad & Move charges and stores your controller independent of the console. The Duracell Pad & Move Charger complements your Sony PS3 console as a useful and necessary accessory.

The visual impression, Colors, and from the surface structure is the same as your console. To charge your two controllers, the Move and the Sub-controller simply place the items vertically in the holder. With the included AC adapter, the charger is ready for use - even when the console is switched off. The warning light indicates the charge status.

A sophisticated system and an extension that leaves little to be desired. The Pad & Move Charger holds up to 2 controllers, a move and a Sub-control simultaneously.


•Useful addition to Sony PS3.
•Optically matched exactly.
•To charge 2 controllers, a move-and a simultaneous Sub-controller.
•With status of the charge state.
•Regardless of the console through its own power supply.


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Ahhhh NUTS !!! Looks like I got the last one in stock
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