Duracell plus 18 AA batteries for £4.98

Duracell plus 18 AA batteries for £4.98

Found 2nd Aug 2007
As title suggest you can pick up 18 packs of Duracell plus for £4.98 in B&Q. They have offers on AAA as well pretty sure they are the same price for 24 though hope this helps someone, I have bough 3 packs as they seem to last forever with the Xbox 360 controller.


Robert Dyers is selling ]24 Energizer AA for £3.99 - this is instore price, as delivery from website is a fiver.

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the energizers dont anywhere near aslong as the duracell plus range so why would you waste your money on them

nice, i'll pick up some of both, cheers. even cheaper for me as i've got a 20% discount card for b&q as both my kids work there.

Not a bad offer if your a Duracell fan, but for high drain such as digital cameras you cant beat NiMH batteries which will outlast all alkalines.

Normal price in my local store, no special offers on batteries.

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they are selling the normal packs and special packs i found them half way accoss the store from the normal display in a special offers display hope this helps

B & Q Kilmarnock have 20 packs of Duracell Plus AA for £5.97, no 18 packs available - still a good price considering WHSmith want £4.99 for 4!
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