Duracell Plus Power 8x AAA Batteries £1.96 @ Toys R Us

Duracell Plus Power 8x AAA Batteries £1.96 @ Toys R Us

Found 14th Sep 2016
Quite a large stock of these available (Especially Swansea).

Other Batteries available at cheap prices:
Duracell Ultra Power 2 x D Batteries - 96p [Limited Stock]
Duracell Ultra Power 2 x C Batteries - £1.96 [Limited Stock]
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Available at Old Kent Road

Shame non in Oxford near me
Thanks OP!
Reserved at Cribbs Causeway, got to store and told none left. Computer said no!
Might be worth a phone call to the store first if showing stock.
Free delivery if you buy 16 packs!
Cells of equivalent performance are 95p for 8 in Wilkinson. 95p for the cells in this deal and £1.01 for printing the word Duracell on the side.

Cold from me sorry OP. The great battery swindle continues apace.
Go to IKEA, buy alkalisk.

4 x AAA delivered for 99p


Go to IKEA, buy alkalisk.

This. Ikea's batteries are nearly identical to Duracell in performance and much cheaper.

Another good alternative is Kodak Xtralife - you can get them in packs of 6 for £1 in Poundland. They last 95% as long as Duracell.

FYI4 x AAA delivered for … FYI4 x AAA delivered for 99phttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PANASONIC-ULTRA-POWER-ZINC-CARBON-AAA-BATTERIES-4-PACK-/111115163715?hash=item19defad843:g:XncAAOSweW5VZam4

In case anyone doesn't realise, these are zinc batteries designed for low drain devices, i.e. they're fine for remote controls, but terrible for anything that uses more power like toys, cameras, etc.
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