Duracell Plus Power AA batteries 24 pack £9.99 @ Rymans

Duracell Plus Power AA batteries 24 pack £9.99 @ Rymans


£10.00 / 24 = 42.6 p each

Buying from 7 day shop, 7dayshop.com/pro…A40

£13.00 / 40 = 32.5p each

Or you can buy 2 x £12 packs for £8.

You have to add £2 P&P, (sorry - my bad)...Still works out cheaper though at 37.5p per battery
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Asda groceries also currently have 2 packs of 8 AA Duracell Plus Power batteries for £6 (or £5.50 each), which is also 37.5p each, handy if you can click and collect locally and Asda includes AAA, C, D and 1.5V packs (different quantities in a pack I the diff types) in the 2 for £6 deal if you need different ones - when I ordered this was approximately similar to Amazon prices although their Supersaver delivery can't have long to go to Christmas deadlines if you don't want yo risk them being late.

Saw these in my local Aldi they have these for £6.99 (£4.99 for AAA) loads of people buying them (guessing for Christmas presents).

2 x 12pks at BnM for £8
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