Duracell Plus triple A/ AAA/ AA batteries 4 +  4free and 342

Duracell Plus triple A/ AAA/ AA batteries 4 + 4free and 342

Found 13th Nov 2008
duracell plus batteries are included in the boots three for two.

And at the moment the 4 packs come with 4 free.

So you can get 24 duracell batteries for £7.98.

You can also mix and match between AA & AAA

Not sure if this is online also.

Seems like a good deal to me.


Posted 3 weeks ago:-

]Boots Duracell batteries 3 for 2

Best deal is still available at Homebase:-

]Homebase Duracell batteries 24.9p each

If you're not near a Homebase, the Tesco deal is similar to Boots, 16 for £4.99 = 31.2p

To summarise:-

Boots:- 33.25p per battery for 24
Tesco- 31.2p per battery for 16
Homebase- 24.9p per battery for 8

Ironically, this is one of the few cases where it's cheaper to buy fewer.

The ability to mix AA and AAA is the good thing about this deal, but remember that AA are £3.79 but AAA are £3.99.

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do them other deals include AAA? Which are normally more expensive than double A anyway?

As far as I know, the other deals are for AA only, so this is good for AAA.

As for the AAs, there is a new kid on the block. Asda 4 Energisers for £1.00 = 25p each

]Asda Energiser batteries

Most comparisons find little difference between Duracell and Energiser.

Another hot (or cold) tip if you're going to buy lots of batteries at knock-down prices and keep them for a while - store them in the fridge - it apparently extend their shelf like quite considerably!

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