Duracell Procell 9V PP3 batteries - 10 pack for £10.99 delivered @ DirectFoto

Duracell Procell 9V PP3 batteries - 10 pack for £10.99 delivered @ DirectFoto

Found 14th Jan 2009
A guitar-playing friend gets through loads of these, and pays up to £5 apiece for Duracell PP3s. So I tasked myself with finding him a better deal, and I came across this one.

At just over £1.10, they're apparently just the same as the Duracell batteries you can buy on the high street - the only difference is the branding and packaging.

I have no use for 9V batteries but I use Procell AAs and AAAs all the time and have had no problems.


Then maybe he should try rechargeables, for about £4.25 a time, or if not, Lithium ones as they have the potential of lasting a LOT longer eg here:
vapextech.co.uk/aca…tml at £6.25 a time with up to 8x the life.

DirectFoto - Would never use this company again. Used to use them a lot but had no end of problems withthem over the last 12 months. They bank your money as soon as you place an order but then dont send out the goods. Sent numerous emails requesting updates on delivery or refund if items not in stock and they either didn't reply or sent some bogus info saying they'd be in next week, etc. Ended up having to do chargeback through Credit card. I know otheres have had similar problems so be warned.

Dont buy i have loads of these and they dont last like a normal Duracell they last half the time,you may as well buy cheap ones instead as will be just as good.

Still waiting for an order I placed on the 3rd. Cannot get through on the phone, do not answer emails and cannot check order status online. Will not deal with them again.

you can get the "normal" duracell 9v 10 pack in Costco for less than this. They have a the Duracell Ultra 9v too for around this price (cant remember exactly - but I bought them a few months back).

Great for smoke alarms - there should be no excuse not to have a working smoke alarm with batteries at this price. Great quality and heat added.

Finally got the 2nd part of my my order and an email telling me to wait 21 business days before reporting the first part missing!
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