Duracell rechargeable batteries half marked price in Wilkinsons

Duracell rechargeable batteries half marked price in Wilkinsons

Found 27th Nov 2012
Went into my local Wilkinsons store this lunchtime and saw all their Duracell rechargeable batteries are labelled as half marked price. Managed to pick up the speedy charger (1 hour) with 2 AA and 2 AAA for £10, which is £15+ everywhere else

All the chargers and all the batteries themselves were labelled with this, including the Accu stay charged (4x AA and 4x AAA) ones for £5.86 after discount

Can post a receipt later, but will have to wait until after work!

Edit: They are also available online at this price too:
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I can vouch for this, saw these in my local Wilkinsons yesterday but didn't buy as wasn't sure if it was a good deal.
Thank you, I've ordered 4 x energizer accu recharge base battery recharger that includes 4 batteries all for £20. A bargain at a £5 a unit. was gunna order 2 units and get more battery's but it works out more expensive. I have two boys getting leappads off Santa. So these are very handy x
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