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Duracell Ultra Alkaline AAA Batteries - Pack of 8 Free Collection (Limited Locations) £2 @ Argos

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Duracell Ultra AAA batteries are multi-purpose alkaline batteries ideal for powering all your devices with extra life for high-drain devices. Long lasting, +100% extra life Ideal for high-drain devices e. G. Portable game controllers, motorised toys, shavers, toothbrushes, etc. Duralock technology, up to 10 years in storage Available in size AA, AAA, C, D and 9V.

Duracell Ultra AAA batteries have +100% extra life (Longevity performance compared to the Minimum Average Duration of the 2015 IEC AAA Digital Camera test. Results may vary by device or usage pattern (www. Iec. Ch)).

Superior Nylon top closure helps preventing our batteries from leakage.

Duracell Ultra battery uses unique Powercheck technology that lets you test the remaining power in each battery.

Pack of 8 batteries.
Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
Argos More details at Argos

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    Only one store in all of London with any…LIDL’s Aerocell were £2 for 8 last time I bought them though, with great performance (edited)
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    Great price.If it was AA i would be all over it but have plenty of AAA ones already and use AA more.
    They are also selling 4 x AA for £1
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    None near me - but stock in Wigan at the mo.
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    Cheers, I snagged 2
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    None near me but some in Kimberly
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    Ordered. Thanks.
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    Caught me again with an Argos deal, not sure why i even check(excited)
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    Great price but all I’d say is If you are collecting in store check the expiry date before walking away. Recently collected two packs of Energizer Lithium triple A’s on clearance and the expiry date was Feb 23. Since their performance will almost definitely be degraded I handed straight back for refund. (edited)
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    Needle in a barn full of haystacks...
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    Oh well...not one store with any near me.....
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    Why do people buy these and not use rechargeable batteries it's so bad for the environment and I'm not an environment Guy but seriously these are just hazardous chemicals
    You dont have to apologise for being environmentally friendly fella. that's a good thing not a bad one!

    I think half the problem with rechargeables though is they dont last as long and dont suit certain applications / uses. But you're right, they should be used more where possible.
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    Available at
    Bourne Argos in Sainsburys
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    Its available in Newark if anyone lives close by
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    Not a bad deal if you have an electric vehicle to travel the 144 miles to collect the 8 batteries
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    Argos is the worse online store ever! You looking for stuff, exited about buy and at the end is not available.
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    I was very lucky and got two packs in my local, Crosby, Liverpool
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    Good price but oos near me
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    Cool, just need to travel 43 miles to a store with stock.
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    Nearest branch near me... Sydney, Australia... PREPARED TO TRAVEL...
    try Tunbridge Wells in Sainsburys
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    If only the description stopped at free..
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    Some available in

    57 Guineas Shopping Centre, CB8 8HT
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    Available 25+ miles away in Runcorn
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    Picked up a few packs in Bristol. BB 2027
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    How does that power check work?
    Where it says "Press" - you press it pretty hard and bars show up indicating how much battery left.
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    It says it's still available here:
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    For something to be a deal, it has to be cheap AND be readily available and in stock. If an item is reduced by 99% but there are only 5 available in the whole of the UK, that is not a deal.
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    Brilliant deal, but my closest store is 144 miles away
    Worth a trip for the saving !
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    Hope i'm not the only one that travelled 120 miles for these batteries. It's so worth it, duracel is amazing and saved me money.