Duracell ULTRA M3 Extra High Power Alkaline ~ AAA - Box of 40 £13.99 Delivered@ 7dayshop
Duracell ULTRA M3 Extra High Power Alkaline ~ AAA - Box of 40 £13.99 Delivered@ 7dayshop

Duracell ULTRA M3 Extra High Power Alkaline ~ AAA - Box of 40 £13.99 Delivered@ 7dayshop

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been looking for AAA batteries, seemed to me a nice price.
my first post here though ;-)
A Really Superb 7dayshop.com Deal on this Bulk Pack of Duracell's Most Powerful AAA Battery - When only the very best will do. The M3 Ultra range is Duracell's most powerful alkaline battery available. Please do not confuse Duracell M3 Ultra with lesser power Duracell "Plus" or Duracell "ProCell" types these are significantly more expensive and offer much improved performance over these battery types !
Duracell M3 Ultra batteries also have the very useful "Powercheck" feature built in too. Please compare our price and see the great value that 7dayshop.com offers !

This AAA size battery is also known as MN2400 and LR03.

Please Note: These brand new and fresh batteries are bulk packed for us and supplied to you in sealed white boxes. It's a great way to have easy and fast access to your batteries and is ideal for quantity users as well as electricians and trades people etc. who need THE best price on their batteries and without the fuss of nonsense packaging too !



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these are aaa not aa

In my view a battery that does not state its mAh value is not worth the time when you are only buying brand name and questional sales blurb. Since the mAh value determines how much energy they managed to store in your battery then obviously the higher the mAh rating the longer your battery will last.

These Duracell batteries sure wont state their mAh rating and it is highly unlikely that you will find it listed on their web site either. This is the great act of deception when without the mAh value then you really cannot compare the life time of one battery next to another without your own home testing.

And sure enough if you did know the mAh value of these batteries then you can look around and find better value batteries. Some companies after all do not spend millions on advertising and simply expect you to spot a good value battery when you see one.

No stated mAh value is dont buy in my view and if I really had my way then every battery would come with mAh stated or be an illegal battery. Certain brand names would quickly turn to dust on that day.



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these are aaa not aa

cross1 is correct, these are a different size batteries to previous post & different price, so I won't spam this one because of that, thanks.

Good find OP. I'll add some heat, however ill be surprised if it gets anywhere near the heat given on the AA battery version.

mAH ratings on rechargeable batteries are an inexact science, the manufacturers measure their own products and they do it in different ways so they are only a guide. Depending on the device they are powering, different results will be found anyway.

For instance, in a digital camera NiMh rechargeables should last much longer than an alkaline.

But in a front doorbell or a TV remote or a smoke alarm or as a backup battery in a radio alarm clock the alkaline is the better choice because they typically lose about 2% per year charge when not under load or under a very small drip load. A good NiMh will lose 10% per month.

For some applications an ordinary Duracell alkaline will do better than an Ultra M3.

So, horses for courses, there's market for all these batteries, it's a case of finding the right one for the job.

Hot deal for these AAAs. If you have the need for them this is cheap.
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