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Duramax Woodbridge II 10.5 x 8 Plus Plastic Garden Shed with Metal Foundation Kit & 2 Fixed Window, Adobe/Dark Grey £633.83 @ Amazon

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Posted 21st Jul 2022

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cheapest its been on amazon,

  • All Weather Durable Vinyl Eliminates Maintenance
  • Tall Double Doors
  • Never Needs Painting
  • Won'T Rust, Rot, Dent Or Mildew
  • Strong Metal Structure Tested For 20Lbs/Sqft Snow Load
  • Vinyl Is Fire Retardant (Unlike Plastics)
  • Includes Ventilation Kit
  • One Fixed Window Included

Added by @AJ10

WoodBridge II 10.5 x 8 PLUS

If you have the room for one of this large storage shed, then the Duramax Woodbridge II 10.5 x 8 is the ideal storage for you. It adds elegance to any outdoor setting!

The wall panels are made from durable, long lasting and easy to maintain vinyl that will not rust, rot or dent and unlike other plastics sheds in the market, this PVC garden shed is also fire retardant.

Its wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure that gives the shed extra strength and allows you to hang shelves or garden tools.

This tall walk-in shed features tall and wide double doors for easy storage, includes metal floor kit and 2 fixed window on front. The roof is reinforced with a solid metal structure and during winter it can hold up to 20 lbs/ sq. ft. of snow.

  • External Dimensions (WxDxH): 324.8 x 247 x 233.2 cm
  • Internal Dimensions (WxDxH): 313.3 x 243.3 x 215 cm


  • Metal floor kit included
  • 2 fixed windows on front side
  • Door handles with padlock eyes
  • Strong metal structure tested for 20 lbs/sq. ft. Snow load

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  1. Avatar
    Are these plastic sheds any good? I keep seeing them displayed in big stores and the doors never seem quite aligned and they look very light and flimsy.
    Spent quite a bit of time looking for a resin plastic shed. Going by the comments on previous shed deals here, I would say this is the general order of best quality/durability among the HUKD community:
    1. Lifetime
    2. Keter
    3. Duramax

    I'm currently in the middle of assembling a Lifetime 7x7 shed and felt a bit flimsy looking at individual panels, but is actually quite solid once it's all pulled together. I only have the roof do do, so will likely complete this evening after work. Hope this helps somewhat
  2. Avatar
    What can you do for a base on these??
    Concrete , plastic grids , probably others but needs to be level or you will have grief when it comes to the roof
  3. Avatar
    As part of my renovations outside (new house) I built in a large wooden shed. I came close to buying these and I think on reflection I would be very happy with them. The reviews are worth reading. Proper research, prep and patience and I think you will have a very sound shed for years.

    The final issue that swung me back to wood is that I like to fit mine out with a few rows of shelving all the way round and up high to make best use of space. I didn't like the idea of just putting in shelving units. It does not utilise space in the same way. Other than that I would be very happy with this. Great price for it's size
  4. Avatar
    A shed this size you're going to need a 100% level base with zero flex. Otherwise, as stated above, you'll have problems trying to get the roof panels to align. Been there.....etc
  5. Avatar
    My god, doesn't anyone else see it, it's soo ugly. Keter's don't look superb, but they are like a Jonny Ive design compared to this tragic effort.
    It's a shed...
  6. Avatar
    Is condensation an issue with plastic shed?
    It's big problem on metal sheds.
    This was a concern for me too, but the plastic Keter shed I’ve got is bone dry. Even wet or muddy footprints dry in a few minutes.
    I’d recommend adding some metal mesh to the vents to stop insects.
  7. Avatar
    What's the price?
    sorry thought i had included it. its 633.
  8. Avatar
    We decided on a Keter to avoid all the required retreating over the years. It’s not just the cost of the stain, but the hassle involved. IMHO Keter gets much closer to an acceptable wood shed replacement, unlike the majority of oversized Wendy houses. Here’s an example of a better looking Keter shed. qualityplasticsheds.com/bes…eds
  9. Avatar
    I had a Keter 8x8 shed at my previous house. Solid, no fading and 100% dry. As with all sheds and as others have mentioned, taking the time to make a level base is key.
  10. Avatar
    Don’t bother, ours turned up with a hole on the inside of the door and the roof didn’t fit. It’s not very solid either and very easy to break in. We sent ours back for a full refund.
    How did you get it sent back?
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