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Durex Pleasure Me Condoms Ribbed & Dotted Regular Fit 12s - £3.21 / £3.04 or less S&S + Voucher

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  • YOUR FAVORITE CONDOMS IN UPDATED PACKAGING: Redesigned, fresh new packaging, however, don’t worry, your favourite condoms inside the box are still exactly the same
  • RIBBED AND DOTTED FOR ENHANCED STIMULATION: Durex Pleasure Me condoms have a distinct texture combination, uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots, designed to increase stimulation for you and your partner
  • 12 LUBRICATED AND EASY-ON SHAPED CONDOMS: Transparent, natural latex condoms shaped with a teat end to be easier to put on and provide a better fit during sex
  • SIZE: All condoms have a length of 195 mm and a width of 56 mm
  • DISCREET DELIVERY: Condom box delivered in discreet packaging with no branding or indication of parcel contents
  • DUREX QUALITY: With over 90 years of experience manufacturing condoms, Durex is the world’s No.1 condom brand. All Durex condoms use only fine quality raw materials and every single one is electronically tested for holes and imperfections. RB-M-01318

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  1. Twelvetoes's avatar
    They come in 3 sizes … small, medium and liar
    2677992's avatar
    Twelvetoes, meet Twelveinches
  2. porky232's avatar
    Apparently in the 1950s they were washable and reusable.
    Superbaggies's avatar
    In the 1980s they were edible 🍌
  3. HapyDapyDoo's avatar
    Married men need not subscribe, one pack ought to suffice for a few years...
  4. Tarzion's avatar
    Time to replace the expired ones.
    RaiKush's avatar
    We have a winner 🏆 🥇
  5. me_lee's avatar
    A packet of 3 is for young guys - one for Fri, one for Sat, one for Sun

    A packet of 12 is for us older, married guys - one for Jan, one for Feb, one for Mar...
  6. DealWithIt's avatar
    We're going to see stiff competition in the comment section.
  7. austinc's avatar
    Pro moneysaving tip: Buy a box of latex gloves and cut the fingers off them. No expiry date either, Ive had mine 3 years and still on my first glove
    Superbaggies's avatar
    I will only need the thumb
  8. The_Sheriff's avatar
    Which entrance are these best suited for? Tradesman or main gate? Asking for a friend.
  9. Superbaggies's avatar
    20 yes to late I'm afraid
    BulldogNo1's avatar
    To do what?
  10. WillPS's avatar
    Subscribe and Save option is gone it seems.
    Superbaggies's avatar
    Best way to save is say NO
  11. tissot22's avatar
    are they recyclable? I can't keep having fun without saving environment.
    Tim_Jefferies's avatar
  12. DellB0y's avatar
    these have gotten smaller i swear (no really!)

    makes sense the same as choccy bars n all the rest - less product means more profit
    ashman33's avatar
    Original post says 195mm long. I thought they got bigger
  13. MoqUL's avatar
    I always get confused by this "Pleasure Me" naming... aren't these meant for pleasuring someone else?
  14. masif1's avatar
    Ordered, Thanks
    Superbaggies's avatar
    How many
  15. Shinobei's avatar
    Wear them inside out for your pleasure.
  16. Bigjuggy's avatar
    No good for me then
  17. tennysonford_Blackbird's avatar
    Get some new johnnies for magaluf.
  18. snappyfish's avatar
    Fathers day sorted. Thanks.
  19. Gaz_OHara's avatar
    Too thick, might as well use a rubber glove.
  20. Cameron92's avatar
    Not for me I need large fit. Not that I get action anyway. But maybe these make a posh one better?
  21. Jason_H's avatar
    What a rubberly deal..
  22. shamz1984's avatar
    Deal is a big stretch....
  23. ns15's avatar
    Remember the friends episode where joey says to monica "they're ribbed for your pleasure"
  24. XNET's avatar
    if you live in London ,are these ulez exempt ,as these will cause more CO2 output!
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