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Posted 19 November 2023

Durex Surprise Me Variety Condoms - Pack of 40 sold by Pennguin UK

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Deal of the day: Durex Surprise Me Variety Condoms - Pack of 40 amzn.eu/d/dugc5v5

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

  • VARIETY PACK: 40 natural rubber latex Durex condom variety pack to allow you to choose the right condom variety for you in each moment; all lubricated, easy-on shaped and teat ended for greater comfort and fit
  • MAXIMUM PLEASURE VARIETIES: 10 Thin Feel condoms with a thin design for greater sensitivity, 10 Extra Safe condoms with extra lubrication and slightly thicker, 10 Tickle Me ribbed condoms and 10 Pleasure Me ribbed and dotted condoms for enhanced stimulation.
  • SIZE: All condoms have a length of 195 mm and a width of 56 mm except tickle me with 53mm. Pre-lubed with silicone lube
  • DISCREET DELIVERY: Condom box delivered in discreet packaging with no indication of parcel contents.
  • DUREX QUALITY: With over 90 years of experience manufacturing condoms, Durex are the world’s No.1 brand; all our condoms use only fine quality raw materials and every single one is electronically tested for holes and imperfections

Surprise your partner with the perfect lucky dip... Add variety to your sex life with Durex Surprise Me, a box of 40 assorted latex condoms that give you a range of pleasurable stimulations, for hours and hours of fun!

This pack contains 10 of each: Thin Feel, Extra Safe, Tickle Me and Pleasure Me.

Each condom provides a strong barrier to STIs and pregnancy — but not to your pleasure!

So wherever you are and whoever you’re with, find your best fit and enjoy the pleasure of real sex with Durex.

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  1. herby247's avatar
    HUKD blur the preview of these on the listing, something that can prevent STIs and stop pregnancy... Yep hide that away.
    Fagol's avatar
    You can turn it off.

    It's not some please someone think of the children conspiracy. It just falls under the sex catagory which falls under NSFW.

    Also most people can read... (edited)
  2. olo79's avatar
    Durex - surprise me... one in a ten will give you "Kinder Surprise" ?
  3. motosing's avatar
    That's a lifetime supply. Hot!
    ELVIS_THE_PELVIS's avatar
    Very original 
  4. eoinf's avatar
    Anyone know what the expiry date is on these. Just wondering if I'd get around to using them before hand.
    adil171's avatar
    They’re not made for your hand unfortunately
  5. justabout72's avatar
    One of them has got a hole in it, Russian roulette
  6. Mudslide's avatar
    Are these new or reconditioned?
    samtheman's avatar
    The menthol ones are ‘air conditioned’
  7. mvnorwood's avatar
    These are all regular size. Anyone know of any deals on XXL?
    Mobb_Deep's avatar
    Oh I thought it was variety pack for a certain type of women

    Small, Medium, Large, XL
    And surprise me was referring to the fact women don't know till you take your pants off and either you disappoint or surprise them (edited)
  8. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    The surprise is if you actually get to use one
  9. wisevik's avatar
    Here for the comments8)
  10. daylelapthorne's avatar
    What a banging deal 

    What a banging deal  (edited)
  11. Zimmy's avatar
    Hmm, “Surprise me” doesn’t really imply consent!
  12. chambeap's avatar
    I'm guessing some of them have holes in as the surprise?
    Andrew_Brook's avatar
    That's why they're called surprise me
  13. Tomasz_eG2's avatar
    Too late
  14. jumbosausage's avatar
    Get in whilst you can, last time these were on a deal they were pulled out quickly.
  15. lowbug's avatar
    glad i
    here to find this deal..
  16. markyo007's avatar
    How much ram do these support? (edited)
    Robb104's avatar
    Only a couple of inputs before they start to overheat.
  17. Rubiena_Alli's avatar
    These are the same price on Ebay as well and Free postage.

    Item no:114389786163
    JubilantPigeon's avatar
    I know it's probably the same sort of seller on eBay, but somehow buying condoms from an auction site gives me the ick
  18. paul106's avatar
    These will go out of date before I can use all 40 !
  19. sashablue's avatar
    The "surprise me" usually occurs in nine months if you buy a non reputable brand
  20. BonkGTO's avatar
    Perfect to go in raw
  21. Darude's avatar
    Anyone interested in a group buy? If 20 dads chip in 50p for (a year's supply of 2) each
    markyo007's avatar
    Do you have to call round to each others house to collect the doms?
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