Durex thin feel condoms pack of 20 £6.41 at Amazon (Prime / £10.40 non Prime)

Durex thin feel condoms pack of 20 £6.41 at Amazon (Prime / £10.40 non Prime)

Found 28th Jun 2017
Come and get it! Or is it the other way around?

£6.41 as a one-off purchase or subscribe for £6.09 a pack delivered every 2 months (or monthly if you're lucky)!
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Daylight rubbery at that price :-)
50m of cling film is far cheaper.............

Daylight rubbery at that price :-)

20 every 2 months some lucky men out there....
Do these come in size small? They always fall off mine!
It's like I'm wearing nothing at all. Nothing at all. Nothing at all.
durex fatter feel would be better !

After being out of the condom game for a while, two and half years and two kids later, I'm shocked at prices! I just paid like £8.50 for 12 in a store which is mental. I know this is expensive but I couldn't find much cheaper. I find this deal quite expensive as well but I suppose it is decent in the context. I ordered some of those Mates brand for a pretty cheap price so if they're any good I won't be buying these any more.

These condoms are good though to be fair.
Not worth it imo!
I usually just buy the cheap ones from the Pound Store and keep my fingers crossed! They failed twice and now have 2 kids!
Surprised nobody has asked for XXXL size....
Great description, excellent play on words.... Good comedy writing.. Lol
Look on ebay. shops sell decent priced packs of 48, 72, 96 for good prices if you look through em. No harm in bulking up. I recommend pasante king xl (yeah yeah) They're a normalish fit but roll out a bit longer so you can tie em in a knot and fire them through your neighbours windows.
Cheaper to just jump off the bus before you get there
33p a pop not bad, harder to find people to use them with hence the drop in price I guess lol
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sounds like someones made a cock up!
The extra-lubed ones are worth a try, as are the non-latex for a different feel.
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