Duronic ST10B - 10 Way 2 Metre surge Tower Extension Lead £12.99 prime / £17.74 non prime Sold by DURONIC and Fulfilled by Amazon

Duronic ST10B - 10 Way 2 Metre surge Tower Extension Lead £12.99 prime / £17.74 non prime Sold by DURONIC and Fulfilled by Amazon

Found 14th Aug 2016
Product Description
The Duronic surge tower extension lead will help you cut the clutter under your desk. Our customers range from home users and corporate companies, everyone looking for the same simple solution of tidying the computer setup.

Our range of towers have all had engineering done here in the UK to make sure they all meet the strict guidelines we have in the UK to make sure they are safe to use and they actually do the job.

This model is engineered to tell you when it's surge protected and when it's not. Not all surge products have 2 neon lights. One for power indicator and one specifically for surge. The surge neon is assurance to the user that it is protecting your appliances and has not failed. In simple English, it means the surge function is working. A product without this function will never be able to tell the user the surge function is working or not.

Provides you a lot of sockets from a single wall socket:

ST8B and ST8W: 8 Sockets

ST10B and ST10W: 10 Sockets

ST12B : 12 Sockets

You can have a maximum 10 sockets with up to a load of 3000W combined from all 10 plugs. Comes in Black or White, B in model number is for black an W for white model.

All the plugs sockets are designed to be diagonal to cater for standard and larger plugs.

A sturdy low profile strong base to hold all the plugs once plugged in.

2m distance between the tower and the cable plug.

2 Years Warranty

Box Contains
ST10B Surge Tower Extension lead
User Manual
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Why not buy the white version at £11.99 ?
This is being typed on a computer (and peripherals) fed through just that - was £9.99 special back in 2012.

Maplin sell similar - but currently at £14.99 - ie item N62GC
Just what I was looking for - ordered in black thank you Caddyroo

Edited by: "midge73uk" 14th Aug 2016
In with the "could have swore that was something else for a second" comments
I would have bought if it had power switch or individual switches to turn off appliances. I turn off all appliances when not needed. Most of my sockets are hard to reach.
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