Duty Free: Complete Series: 4dvd only £7.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!

Duty Free: Complete Series: 4dvd only £7.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!

Found 5th Dec 2008Made hot 5th Dec 2008
Classic comedy, next best over £12.
'Duty Free' is a pure British sitcom following David Pearce and his wife Amy on a package holiday in sunny Spain, where they meet another unsuspecting couple. The cocktail of comedy antics take their course when David sets his eyes on Linda Cochrane. They pursue each other's every move in order to prolong their steamy affair in privacy. It is far from sunshine all the way and by the end they have bags to declare!

Season 1 Episodes:

1. Viva Espana
2. El Macho
3. Praying Mantis
4. Spanish Lace
5. Bedroom Farce
6. Forty Love
7. Hastsa La Vista

Season 2 Episodes:

1. Manana
2. Casino
3. Couples
4. El Astro
5. Pepe
6. Snap
7. Adios

Season 3 Episodes:

1. Winter Break
2. Deja Vu
3. Close Up
4. The Go BEtween
5. Costa Del Crime
6. Cause Celebre
7. Party Night


Good price is that. I remembered this from when I was a kid and caught it on tv last year on Dave or something like that Still great after all this time.

I remember having to suffer this as kid. My mum and dad thought is was hillarious............ it wasn't.

This was a brilliant series, in fact it was the last hugely successful sitcom broadcast on ITV and if I remember correctly it got as many as 10-20 million viewers each week. That was over 20 years ago. I don't think they even do them anymore! I don't think it was supposed to be hilarious, but it was very funny and very cleverly written (it was originally a stage play from the writer of Rising Damp) with some excellent acting from Keith Barron and Gwen Taylor.

Well I used to enjoy this - even went to see the show on Bournemouth pier!

It was simple humour, a classic farce which worked because it was so well acted IMHO.

Might even invest myself for old times sake

good price, i enjoyed watching it when i was a kid, still worth a buy
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