Duxback Glass Treatment £24.95 @ Halfords

Duxback Glass Treatment £24.95 @ Halfords

Found 3rd Jul 2013
No Halfrauds quips allowed as I can't see a better deal out there - unless you know better of course! ;-)

Duxback Glass Treatment

Duxback is a revolutionary protective film applied to your car's windscreen and windows which repels rain, snow and dirt, keeping your glass cleaner and clearer all year round. Even ice finds it more difficult to stick, making it easy to scrape clear on frosty mornings.

Q. What is Duxback Glass Treatment?

Duxback is a revolutionary glass treatment that when applied to windscreens allows rain, sleet and snow to simply bead and roll off. Research has shown that it improves visibility whilst driving in the rain by 35%!

Duxback is a revolutionary glass treatment that keeps glass as it should be - see through. Rain sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off, ice does not stick. Duxback even repels dirt, making your windscreen, side glass or rear glass cleaner and clearer for far longer and if it does need cleaning a whole lot easier to clean.

One application goes a long way. Duxback doesn't just coat your windscreen, it bonds with it, forming a protective repellant barrier that stays on for months. No other product on the market, works like it. or lasts like it.

Duxback is a professionally applied glass treatment that creates a 'hydrophobic' effect on automotive glass.

Originally developed for aviation and applied to Boeing cockpit glass, a Duxback treatment greatly improves safety when driving in pouring rain especially at night.

When driving over 40mph, rain water will be blown straight off the glass, no need for wipers!

In wintertime ice will either not stick to the glass or will be much easier to remove.

Research has shown that visibility is improved by 35% when driving in pouring rain.

Furthermore a driver's ability to identify a small object when driving in foul conditions is improved by 25%. A 25% improvement in reaction time is 58 feet at 40 MPH.

Enough to save a life!

Q. How long does it last?

Once applied to your windows, Duxback glass treatment will last for six months on your windscreen and 12 months on side and rear glass.
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Edited by: "squillion" 3rd Jul 2013
Rain X £6.39 @ Amazon..........................
If they offer me a 6 months warranty for this - I will do it.
Because it simply does not last more than 1 month. Done earlier so know very well.
£20.42 here if you wish to collect from store - Stores mostly 'Up North' though
Rain X, the original and the best. (and cheaper!)
That's the normal price as far as i know.. Have used duxback in the past, when applied professionally its awesome, id say longer than 6 months, rainx does not compare, i used it for years before discovering dux back, now I've moved onto enduroshield, apply it once a year, £24.99 gets it delivered and will so 2 windscreens and last upto 12 month's, heat from me, its a hassle preparing the windscreen and paying for it done properly is worth it!
I had this treatment done a few years ago and it really does work. Driving without the wipers on to test it & could see better than with using the wipers! Well worth having done.
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