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AKG K92 Closed-Back Headphones - £35.50 @ DV247
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Mix and master your tracks with uninhibited clarity with the AKG K92 over-ear, closed back headphones. Professional-grade 40mm drivers reveal even the subtlest nuances, so you can… Read more

Are you referring to uk.camelcamelcamel.com If so, then yeah.


Wicked website, this good for all Amazon products?


You might've been waiting a while.


Damn, just bought them for £40. Should have waited for it to be £25 again!


Hi, These are great headphones but please note I bought these on Amazon less than 6 months ago for £10 less than that at £24.99 a pair via Prime Exclusive. The deal was on HUKD then. The current Amazon price is £39.99 on Amazon and as Sam say's above, after shipping it'll be cheaper via Amazon. I would rate the headphones as very good though.

Roland TR09 Boutique Drum Machine TR-909 - reduced to £249! @ DV247
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
Roland TR09 Boutique Drum Machine TR-909 - reduced to £249! @ DV247
Part of Roland's miniature / portable Boutique synthesiser and drum machine range. Apparently the TR-09 - a digital recreation of the TR-909 drum machine - has reduced in price to … Read more

For the record, all other "Boutiques" seem to have a price around £349 at the moment, which seems to be the standard price in the UK. (Except the SE-02 but that's techincally a different range.) Considering that the TR-09 was probably at this price before, this is a £100 price cut, roughly. So this really is quite a hefty saving.


Guitarguitar and pmtonline are both £10 dearer than this so not much saving although I have to agree best price from a sensible site


/Rolls eyes You never mentioned the savings on your Aunt Bessie's cheese and bean Yorkshire puddings you posted last, so I voted cold on that. Plus they were manky. Dunno why you have to be such a do uche on a good deal. What might've been more constructive would have been to say "why not put original price in listing OP so others know what a great saving this is" I think it's a good deal, OP and don't worry, anyone who would be genuinely interested in buying this would already know it's retail price so original price not necessary.


Says reduced to.. but doesn't state what it used to be.. So I don't know if this is a £5 saving or £5000 FYI RRP £448.00 so it's almost half price. However Cold from me for that info missing.


I have used them with no issues and they are a large recognised site

Gibson Les Paul 2016 60s tribute £639 delivered @ DV247
Found 16th Sep 2017Found 16th Sep 2017
Gibson Les Paul 2016 60s tribute £639 delivered @ DV247
Gibson Les Paul 60s tribute vintage sunburst guitar £639 deliverd, cheapest I've seen it.
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Still on.


Love it!


Nice find, looks great!


Now I've had time to play about with it I have to say that this is a fantastic guitar for the money. Very easy to play and the p90s sound fantastic. A real quality instrument.


It arrived.

Hofner shorty guitar £86 - £90.99 Delivered @ DV247
Found 21st Feb 2017Found 21st Feb 2017
Hofner shorty guitar £86 - £90.99 Delivered @ DV247
Not a bad deal , usually around £110 . Free delivery by bumping order up to £100. Excellent reviews of guitar - ideal for travelling.
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Received mine , pleased enough with it , but it's difficult to balance as the body is light!


Up to £125 now :(

Guitar Strings 09-42   £0.99p a set    (4.99 postage)
Found 23rd Jul 2016Found 23rd Jul 2016
Guitar Strings 09-42 £0.99p a set (4.99 postage)
Fame brand 09-42 gauge guitar strings . Never heard of them but worth a shot at .99p a set . The postage is £4.99 . Best thing to do with these is to solder the winding by t… Read more
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Would like to know why the cold votes , i thought this was a great deal . It isn't if you only buy one pack but it is never cost effective to buy a single pack of strings anyway . I bought 20 packs , works out at £1.23 a pack . I know it's an unknown brand but i often want to put a new set on a guitar i don't use very often and this is a cost effective way of doing that rather than using branded ones when i know i won't use it much .


go solder your own ball ends buster !!


cant believe you have never heard of Fame dont you want to live forever? Fame...I want to learn how to fly

Pioneer DDJ-WeGo 3 DJ Controller (Red Colour) only £176 at DV247.com
Found 3rd Apr 2016Found 3rd Apr 2016
Pioneer DDJ-WeGo 3 DJ Controller (Red Colour) only £176 at DV247.com
So, was at The Gadget Show Live event two days ago, and far from being an aspiring DJ (or for that matter wanting to be) however this caught my eye as a wonderful affordable way fo… Read more

Not sure about the value of the deal but customer service can be poor. Had ordered an item showing as in stock only to be told it was no longer available. A sales rep then offered an "alternative" and asked if i wanted to change my order, on further inspection the "alternative" was 3 times the price and poor substitute for what I actually ordered! Funnily enough I said thanks but no thanks....I did find it odd that the price of the "alternative" wasn't alluded to when I was offered it as a replacement, seems like a tricky way to get more cash out of you.....


Mixtrack Pro II is around £70 second hand now and is a great controller, works with all the major software and is easy to use. Personally having used Traktor and Virtual DJ I love VDJ. Didn't like serato but only tried it on friends' setups. VDJ is £70 extra for a legit copy and worth every penny if you're going to enjoy mixing.


the reason is that cheese goes off


I wish I wouldn't of seen this... I'm so tempted. I used to DJ when I was younger until I sold it because my parents always complained about the noise. This could be just what I need to be a bedroom DJ once more haha! 8)


Have you any suggestions?

Fender American Special Stratocaster HSS 6-String Electric Guitar Black £729 @ DV247
Found 8th Feb 2016Found 8th Feb 2016
Fender American Special Stratocaster HSS 6-String Electric Guitar Black £729 @ DV247
I suppose this may be out of range for many, and this 70s remake might not be everyone's choice, but it would be mine if I could afford it. This is nearly £50 below prices elsewher… Read more
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Went and picked it up this afternoon. Lovely. Not a mark on it, no smudges, no finger marks from handling, looks brand new. Smells brand new - you know that urethane(?)&glue smell? The tremolo has never been fitted (they asked me if I wanted it on, I said not now) and they put a new set of strings on, replacing the 9's with 10's, and their luthier gave it a full tune up, which is why I came back to pick it up today rather than take it home yesterday. Deal? I reckon it was. And, thank you for making me think again and look around.. I would never have found it had you not said what you did. Kudos.


Nice. You got a good deal there.


The only thing I don't like imho about this strat is the humbucker at the bridge. Even with coil tap you can never get that unique out of phase sound between the bridge and middle pickup as you do with a single coil at bridge. I've tried over the years with Seymour Duncan e.c.t but have gone back to stock Fender single coils. The Texas specials are good for a thicker sound though, shame not put at bridge as well then that would be good strat. Still voted hot as seems a good orice if made in USA.


So, I took the plunge and got this instead (locally) - shop display one, looks mint, for £750: 2014 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Bordeaux Metallic, Maple)


Heat cos it's a nice instrument for the money. Looking at the high end Mexican on for myself at the moment.

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Bundle (includes AT-300B Clip-On Tuner, Basic Gig Bag And Spare Strings) - £79.99 @ DV247
Found 27th Dec 2015Found 27th Dec 2015
Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Bundle (includes AT-300B Clip-On Tuner, Basic Gig Bag And Spare Strings) - £79.99 @ DV247
Price of £79.99 includes £4.99 postage. ** Actual deal is available in the 'bundle box' at the bottom of the page ** The whole (delivered) package is only £2 more than just the g… Read more

Don't know where to start with this yonifinke, but I'll have a go anyway: 1. This is not a deal for any old 'beginner's' guitar, it is specifically for a Yamaha C40 + bundle. 2. The Yamaha F310 can actually be had for £87 (cheaper than the shop you mentioned) + bundle at https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/acoustic-guitar-set/yamaha-f310p2-starter-pack-steel-string-guitar?gclid=CP31x9Kg_skCFYWfGwodG3YLZA. Perhaps most importantly however is the fact that the C40 is a classical guitar and the F310 is an acoustic. Two entirely different beasts meant for different styles of music. To advise someone to get an acoustic if they're looking for a classical (or vice-versa) is simply wrong and ill-informed. What do you mean by 'phones are better tuners these days anyway'? Better in what way if they both get the correct pitch from any given string? What do you mean by 'all in all the F310 is a far superior instrument'? Given that you've compared a classical instrument with an acoustic, what makes you think this?


Disagree. For £9 more (£4 with student discount) on Amazon you can get a Yamaha F310. Far better beginner guitar. Yeah you don't get a gig bag or tuner but phones are better tuners these days anyway. Anyway all in all the F310 is a far superior instrument.


that is a really good deal, well spotted!

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones £90 Delivered + 3 year warranty + £10 worth of free stuff of your choice @ DV247.com
Found 23rd Dec 2015Found 23rd Dec 2015
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones £90 Delivered + 3 year warranty + £10 worth of free stuff of your choice @ DV247.com
Add £10 worth of goods to your basket to get the free delivery and apply the code DVXMAS15 to get the £10 off. 1p cheaper than amazon and comes with an extra years warranty.

Its a terrible company because they regularly advertise stuff for sale that they dont hold. And then when you ring to chase after 3 days of your order still showing as confirmed they inform you it could be up to ten days. And then possibly because you missed this microscopic asterisked condition stated somewhere on their site, they try to imply that it's your fault that you still ordered it. Im not aware of any other online music retailer who is so happy to muck people about like this. They have a reputation for this. They take your money and then order in from a wholesaler. No thanks. All the free warranties etc are entirely notional. I won't use them again for this reason. They did refund within 3 days to be fair. And that's all i can say about them. I would recommend Music Matter for most studio gear. Very good straightforward experiences with them.


As far as I understand, the Amazon deal is limited to a 2 year warranty.


I guess it's because its a penny cheaper from Amazon and their customer service is worth a lot more than the £10 worth of freebies from this outfit.


It's a terrible company because it never has stock or it's both a terrible company and it never has stock? Also, thanks for the feedback. So many have voted it cold without saying why.


Terrible company. Never have stock.

Behringer Firewire Audio Interface - £9.90 DV247
Found 21st Dec 2015Found 21st Dec 2015
Behringer Firewire Audio Interface - £9.90 DV247
£9.90 if you can collect at store. £4.99 postage. Great price for a decent sound card. Was £56.99.

These go for a lot more on eBay as a rule. Great if you want to mess around with old Macs and makes for a better sounding FireWire powered external soundcard than the cheapie USB dongles that aren't all that much cheaper.


Seems so - my bad, didn't realise they'd even gone bust! Shame.


Nope it's DV247, I purchased a synth from them and low and behold a Euro PSU with adapter, they are now owned by a European music retailer and all distribution is from Germany.


I don't think it's so much DV247, more Behringer. I've used DV247 for years and can honestly say they're one of the best companies to deal with in terms of customer service.


Good shout. Seems to be the case. Without causing 'that' debate, it's compatible with all versions of OS X.

Glorious Workbench £199 Delivered with DVXMAS15 £10 off Voucher @ dv247
Found 21st Dec 2015Found 21st Dec 2015
Glorious Workbench £199 Delivered with DVXMAS15 £10 off Voucher @ dv247
199 including delivery with the Christmas DV247 £10 off voucher Cheapest price I could find for this and with a large pull out draw with these kind of dimensions, it would easily … Read more

How did you find the desk ? These comments are pretty clueless the space is for studio equipment it's sized to fit that stuff


Now £231.00 http://www.dv247.com/dj-equipment/glorious-workbench--205449?gclid=CMu8zvX17MkCFcWVGwodA7wKlg


This is a cracking desk for music production, not dvd's and books!


This would be great for my retro Console/Computer collection but £200!!!


Those are just given as an idea as to how the additional space can be utilized, the main USP for this desk is that the pull out tray is large enough for at least a 61 key musical keyboard and the fact that it has 3 tiers included with integrated revolvable speaker trays. You will not be able to find a similar music production desk of this size with all of these. If you only assess the features based on the storage for those obsolete examples then of course you won't see the value.

Selection of Gibson Acoustic & Les Paul Electric Guitars from £399.00 @ DV247
Found 17th Dec 2015Found 17th Dec 2015
Selection of Gibson Acoustic & Les Paul Electric Guitars from £399.00 @ DV247
Guitar shown is: Gibson Les Paul '50s Tribute Etune Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst - £399.00. Gibson Deal Of The Year - Order with express shipping by 1pm Tuesday December the 22… Read more
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My guess would be they can't get maple thick enough for a whole guitar veneer so they slice it in half but at least the way we cut it makes a nice symmetrical design.


why on earth do the bursts finish always split down the middle and not be neat across the whole front.


One of the greatest cars ever made.... Brings tears tears to my eyes if I see a proper one on the road....



This model... bar the pony wheels. Didn't like the previous model with the pop up lights. Came with standard cloth... which was yuk. I remember driving one home 239 bhp standard if I remember rightly. Proper car. Storm blue. Not as good as the integrale.... but much much better value for money Good memorys....

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 USB DJ Controller @ DV247 £180 Delivered
Found 11th Dec 2015Found 11th Dec 2015
Pioneer DDJ-SB2 USB DJ Controller @ DV247 £180 Delivered
The Pioneer DDJ-SB2 USB DJ Controller boasts all the features of the original DDJ-SB – including Filter Fade, Performance Pads and advanced features not usually available at this p… Read more
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Like thomasrykala said, most DJ's don't use all the features. But its nice to have them in case you do. Also the latency in he Top end machines are usually a lot lower meaning when you press the button on the controller their is no time delay.. Also high end controller would have built in soundcards, so the output comes from the controller and not the PC. This deal does have built in sound but no external power supply. So its only powered by the USB cable. Start off with something and work your way up, if you upgrade and don't see any difference, stick to what you have.


​club standard high end controllers have extra features that 90% of djs never use so irts never a bad idea to buy a cheaper one from a good manufacturer like Pioneer after some research. I never bought any kit yet I've been playing around London for over ten years. I don't know this particular model, but if it's Pioneer and it works with traktor, you can't go wrong.


What exactly are you sacrificing by buying a low end model? Is it the kind of thing where in 3 months I'll be wishing I got a pricier one?


Good price for a decent quality controller. That said I prefer the official traktor controllers with Traktor myself


Pioneer make amazing Controllers, this is somewhat of a low end one though. But for the price it can get anyone started. All you need is a PC/laptop amp and speakers. If i had posted a top or mid end one, it would of gone cold within minutes And as stated above Traktor or Serato work with this. VDJ is also available to download (free versions) which someone is mapping for this controller. Might already have been done now.

Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Speaker £25 + £4.99 delivery @ DV247
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Speaker £25 + £4.99 delivery @ DV247
£25 plus £4.99 P&P or Free Delivery with £99 Spend The Monster Clarity HD Micro Bluetooth Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker featuring a plastic housing, and battery operation. Th… Read more
Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015 - Ocean Blue - £899.00 DV247.com - Black Friday Deal - 55% Off
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015 - Ocean Blue - £899.00 DV247.com - Black Friday Deal - 55% Off
Simply Stunning - I couldn't resist at this price!! I've searched high and low and I cannot find this level of guitar anywhere cheaper. Come with the controversial G Force tuners. … Read more
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Well mine just arrived at work. One of the knobs is loose and it's more green than blue but I like it and should match the curtains :). Just waiting for the wife to pick me up from the pub and then I can go home and have a play :). Hopefully I can fix the knob issue


Just put my order through :) no photo ahead of postage but at least I can return it if I am not happy


Just negotiating with them at present and trying to get a photo of the top - hoping to order in the morning!


That's why I bought one......... at £899 you can move it on and probably make money when this sale is over. This is a quality instrument and whilst the neck is the thicker type it's still plays perfectly and is super smooth. I have never had a guitar that has been this well setup straight out of the box.


I keep hovering over the order button but I really need to try one. I think this has the 50's neck. I am in no way a good player but love guitars and the attraction at this price is that it will hold its value. I mostly play a Mexican fender strat which is a similar colour and my worry is how I will get on moving to the thicker neck as I have a dean acoustic and I struggle a bit with the neck. I have 5 cheaper guitars and have promised myself that if I get another it must be decent. I really like the desert studio 2015 but they are mostly sold out now or at full price. I am glad you are pleased with it. I need to have a few beers one night and then just hit the button

Ridiculous - USA Les Paul with G-Force under £700! LP Plus inc. hardcase and delivery
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Ridiculous - USA Les Paul with G-Force under £700! LP Plus inc. hardcase and delivery
If anyone sees this and still goes and buys a Chinese or Korean copy for a hundred quid less, then they must be... I don't know, but this is just a great price. G FORCE Tuning … Read more

Good. A man can never have too many axes.


bought a classic today for £799... absolute bargain


I'm really trying. I just received another mental deal and I think after posting that, I am going to switch off. This is not doing any good to anyone...


It's stupidly hard to resist. My Epiphone LP could go, then I could get this...... please stop it now!!!


It's sooo hard to resist, isn't it?

Crazy Price for Firewire Mac/ PC Audio Interface £10! Behringer F-Control
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Crazy Price for Firewire Mac/ PC Audio Interface £10! Behringer F-Control
+£4 deliver, it's Behringer which is OK but firewire means fast regardless. Includes Ableton + Audacity. F-CONTROL AUDIO FCA202 Ultra low-latency 2 In/2 Out 24-Bit/96 kHz FireWire … Read more

Are there no 64 bit drivers out there, even unofficial ones?


Important caveat!


Total price shown should be £13.90 to include delivery


Made an account just to tell you this only works with 32bit systems! Have a great Black Friday weekend everyone! :)


What's a Firewire? ;)

GIBSON LES PAUL CLASSIC - MASSIVE DISCOUNT - £795 @ DV247.com + 3 year warranty, from £1,600RRP other stores over £1,200
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
GIBSON LES PAUL CLASSIC - MASSIVE DISCOUNT - £795 @ DV247.com + 3 year warranty, from £1,600RRP other stores over £1,200
Just happened to stumble on this great deal, a real USA Gibson Les Paul (Classic with slightly wider, faster neck, +15dB switch for a solo boost, '57 zebra p/u's, coil taps) that's… Read more

I have ordered from dv247 twice now .... fantastic prices and delivery times are quick. Ordered my Gibson Les Paul Classic (seafoam green) on wednesday night, got free express UPS delivery .... arrived this morning. Beautiful guitar .... wife won't let me play it though as it's for xmas :-(


Looks like there are 2 of these back in stock


Link please?


£749.00 with Amazon today on the classic


Anyone ordered from this company before? - I see they still have stock but "its not the guitar I am looking for" been watching these for a weeks and waiting for it to drop below £500 am I am dreaming?http://www.dv247.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-studio-2015-6-string-electric-guitar-desert-burst--212014 Just read the updates saying its out of stock - it says 5plus on their web site

2015 Gibson SG Standard £799 @ DV247
Found 14th Nov 2015Found 14th Nov 2015
2015 Gibson SG Standard £799 @ DV247
Can't see any reason why this isn't an absolute steal.
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good deal op. very niche but shudnt be get cold votes because of it!


​Didn't even know about the changes to the 2015 model. Really like the look of the gforce tuning system, although looks like they've reverted a lot of the changes in the 2016 version.


Didn't spot that. Cheers


That's actually the 2014 model, so no adjustable brass nut, no zero fret, and none of whatever other changes there might be in the 2015 model.


I'm pretty sure they all do, but I may be wrong.

Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator £219 new at dv247; Very solid reverb pedal for a great price
Found 20th Apr 2015Found 20th Apr 2015
Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator £219 new at dv247; Very solid reverb pedal for a great price
The Strymon Blue Sky is an incredibly popular reverb pedal; many consider it to be among the best (along with it's big brother the Big Sky). Although it's an expensive pedal, it's … Read more
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Mine arrived last week - it's amazing.


Exactly !


Great price for one of these, not likely to lose much value either second hand.


Seriously good pedal HOT!