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DVB-T Indoor TV Antenna £1.99 @ Home Bargains instore
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DVB-T Indoor TV Antenna £1.99 @ Home Bargains instore

Posted 10th Nov 2012Available: National

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Grabbed one of these indoor DVB-T antennas from Home Bargains today for £1.99. Although made in China, it was for a German company and I'm actually quite pleased with the quality of build. The base is heavy (not mag-mount), has a foam anti-scratch/slip pad, and the coax terminates in a 'Belling Lee' connector but with a push-on F-Type converter, which has got to be worth a quid in itself.
It's obviously an ex-argos item (hence the sticker), and was over £10 there.
The antenna screws on to a metal stub which is the same thread as some Amateur Radio antennas I have bought before for U/VHF freqs, so there's a good chance it can be easily adapted for other freqs with a bit of imagination. Normally coax for TVs is 75ohm, but this looks like RG-58 (50ohm) to me.
Massive stack (50+) of them in Stroud, so possibly a Nationwide deal. Enjoy!
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I just chucked one of these out the other day. Had it for a few years at the back of a cupboard. It certainly looks the part but pretty much useless at picking up channels and I live in a strong signal area. Might do better as an FM aerial.
I can echo those comments. I found it to be very good quality and even had the dual connector to use with either PC DVB or TV DVB........my room and TV are not in an ideal position to receive digital tv and I had no channels before but after plugging this in I do get quite a few channels, but not all. Well worth the £1.99.....
Bought one of these the other day for my daughters room ( only room in the house that doesn't have connection to the sky dish) plugged it in and got loads of channels, previously spent a fortune on dvb aerials and boosters to no avail but this worked for me straight away well worth £1.99 heat
Will have a look, thanks.
Don't knock the Chinese, they make all
the ipads and many makes of mobiles.
great!! will get this!

Don't knock the Chinese, they make allthe ipads and many makes of mobiles.

Indeed. People seem to incorrectly describe "any brand they don't recognise" as "Chinese".
If it was made in the UK it wouldn't be any better, it'd just cost more. Just grabbed one, will test it later .
Is this better then the £1 ones from Poundland or from Tesco?

Seems very similar to the antenna on a car (which is fine), just wondering if this a better technology then the other ones.
This is brilliant, just picked it up and it gets channels that my home aerial doesn't get! (If put on top of my telly)
Thank You Just Bought 2


Don't knock the Chinese, they make allthe ipads and many makes of mobiles.

Amazing what people can make with a bayonet pointed in their back lol.
A coat hanger will do a better job,lol
coconut rings 49p?

As a aerial installer you're wasting you time buying this

As a aerial installer you're wasting you time buying this

Not true, it's getting all channels and radio stations for me on a 32" LG TV. No distortion whatsoever.
It works for some people in strong signal areas - as will a coat hanger.
I got 82 channels and a few radio ones, not complaining.

As a aerial installer you're wasting you time buying this

Fortunately I'm not, so I've not.
90+ channels for me in decent strength area.
I just purchased one. I've got a Sony mini HiFi with an iPod doc and DAB radio. Before I bought this aerial the reception was very poor. It fits into the screw in connector at the back of the HiFi. The model is Sony CMT BX77DBi. If you have one of these and it only has the aerial that came with it I recommend a visit to Home Bargains to get one of these.
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