DVB-T USB 2.0 Freeview Digital TV Stick including Software and Aerial £23.57 Or Less Delivered
DVB-T USB 2.0 Freeview Digital TV Stick including Software and Aerial £23.57 Or Less Delivered

DVB-T USB 2.0 Freeview Digital TV Stick including Software and Aerial £23.57 Or Less Delivered

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Posted before in the old forum, but now just £20.99 including VAT from eBuyer.Com. Buy through QuidCo.Com to earn 1.5% in cashback, or use the direct link opposite to go straight to the deal... Delivery using SuperSaver makes the total £23.57 delivered...

Features: Watch free-to-air digital terrestrial TV and listen to Digital Radio (not DAB) on your PC or laptop (for best reception an external aerial is recommended) * Portable Dongle allows users to watch FREE digital TT wherever they go whenever they want * DTVR application : User-Friendly interface with powerful functions * Watch or record digital TV * Auto channel scan and name recognition * Multiple channel preview * Enhanced 16:9 Wide-Format display * TV/Video always on the top of the monitor screen * Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue Adjustment * Supports HDTV * Supports EPG Function (DVB Standard) * Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function * Supports Still Image capture in JPEG or BMP format * Supports Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-On-Picture function * Supports Real-Time digital TV recording in TS (Transport Stream) or PS (Program Stream) format * When playback TS file, it allows you to watch any program included in the TS file * DVB-T is compatible with Microsoft MCE * MPEG ConverterMPEG Editor * Burn DVD * Includes: USB DVB-T stick * Aerial * USB cable * Software on CD


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Oops :roll: Hehe I was looking at the FreeCom under Amazon, which I think this is [FreeCom]. Thanks edi

damn, that is as cheap as the cheapest set top freeview boxes.

i got one last time but reception very poor using supplied aerial unable to use, apparently reception very poor all over country when using small aerials you must use external one. ok ya excellent software though.

I bought one (not through here) a while back and as cox says about the aerials offer pretty poor reception. In fact to get anything more than a couple of freeview channels I needed to get a booster for my rooftop aerial.

That said, now I have one (and it's the same model as shown here) it's a bargain buy. It allows for easy surfing of channels, windowed TV on your computer and the ability to record (both immediate and scheduled).

The only downside I have found is that you can't record on the fly. By this I mean the viewing window needs to be up and running (although it can be minimised) for app to record, this can cause problems if you are, for example, playing a game while recording a show as the mute/volume control on the DVT will mute ALL sounds and not just the ones coming from the app itself. You also can't record one programme while watching another.

Still, for £20, it is worth the money if you don't have a freeview box or want to import TV control onto your PC. The software was as good as a plug and play and the scanning for channels works easy enough given a good signal.

Hope this helps.


I bought 1 from ebay 3 days ago for £16 inc postage

I'm sure this is not the freecom model which my daughter has on her PC ..and it is very good and lives up to the good review in Computer Shopper.

Much depends on whether you live in a strong signal area..I do so my daughter gets all the channels using the supplied Freecom attena....Cox1966 seems to give this the thumbs up ..but with an external ariel which is inconvenient for some.

These sort of devices heavily relies upon signal strength. Quiate handy when you are mobile.

I bought one of these at the start of the year. Lots of people expect the aerial supplied to pick up every channel, and when it doesn't, take it back complaining.

I use a cheap £5 aerial, that is placed as far away from my PC, in the same room, as possible. You need to find the room sweet spot, which took me about an hour. Now I can pick up every channel, at full strength. Also set the CPU priority to "high" so the channel doesn't lag when you are working on other applications. Other than that, excellent item.

Thanks for the feedback & welcome to HUKD genkgenk

No problemo and thanks for the welcome. Lurked on here long enough, thought I might as well sign up and offer my opinion where needed! :thumbsup:

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Yes Thanks for the feedback guys and Welcome to HotUKDeals from me too genkgenk

Welcome to HUKD ]genkgenk
If anyone is looking for better software for their USB/PCI Digital TV Stick/Adapter then this might help:


I got a KWorld DVB-T 300U the other day, dirt cheap but the supplied software is awful. I had a look online and the above Freeware application is one of the best programs available for users of Digital TV sticks on their PC.

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Hehe Good pointer X10 Thanks!

Excellent value - bought this a couple of weeks back - after reading a review saying that the small ariel is a lot better than given credit for. Admittedly it requires a decent signal - that most of the large urban areas have - but stick the magnetic ariel to the frame of a desk or radiator and get most of the signals at full strength.
The ones lacking are the Sky ones - but for twenty notes well worth it.

Yes I agree X10 it is good software.
One other thing to consider with this USB stick is that there is no remote control...the freecom has one and better software.

Oh God I've ordered one without reading the comments!

I'm mobile a lot of the time - mostly away on business in hotels where there is only 5 channels and that's if your lucky!

I figured £20 odd quid would be worth it - just hope it is!
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