dvd box sets for £5.00 each instore only @ Tesco

dvd box sets for £5.00 each instore only @ Tesco

Found 29th Apr 2009
tescos have a selsction of dvd box sets for £5.00 each instore
theres several different sorts

with great films like
tom hanks collection (phillidelphia davinchi code appolo13)
airplane collection (both films)
jodie foster (silence of the lambs panic room )
hugh grant collection(loveactually notting hill about aboy)
fathers day collection(pursuitof happiness big daddy and about a boy)
miscongeniallity both films
leo decaprio collection(romeo and juliet beach and titanic )

theres also loads more they have them in a stand by the dvd s in my local store and the lady said its nationwide


Alien 1-3
Denzel Washington Box - Worth a fiver for Man on Fire...

If I can remember more I'll add em in this post!

Also add, the Johnny Depp Collection, Denzel Washington Collection and the Tom Cruise Collection.


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cheers guys couldnt rember all of them
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