DVD Games @ HMV from £2.99

DVD Games @ HMV from £2.99

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I was in HMV Newcastle a few days ago and noticed a whole range of DVD games for under 5 quid. Just been on the website and they have these online also. I have picked out a few of the better known titles.

Deal or No Deal Family Challenge 3.99
Blankety Blank 2.99
Question Of Sport 2.99
All New Ultimate Pub Quiz 2.99
QI Interactive 3.99
Play Your Cards Right 2.99
Sale Of The Century 2.99
TV Times 3.99
All New Bullseye 4.99
Beat the Intro 2.99
Catchphrase 4.99
Family Fortunes 4.99
Ultimate New Years Eve Party 4.99


Can anyone reccommend any of them? All reviews of anything like this I have seem have been poor or carp.

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The QI one is fantastic, Catchphrase is also quite good.

Those are the only ones i have played off the list, though the Deal or No Deal one is meant to be much better than the first version and is still over £10 on Amazon and Play.

As usual people voting cold for no reason, if you voting cold at least have the guts to say why.

voted hot - I love the Catchphrase game. Me and my 7 year old usually end up rolling around the floor in laughter :-D

9% from quidco

G00d find as you said great for stocking fillers, might even get the teenagers involved on xmas day:santa:

Personally I am yet to find a DVD game which I have enjoyed - they are too slow and clumsy - I'd much rather play a board game or a PC game. These are not bad prices for them though.

These are STILL available, and there's some great prices in there. Definitely still worth a look, even though this is an old post.

ive found ime that DVD games rarely work but if these do its a good deal

I got The Kingdom from there the one with Fox

awsome movie and worth every penny!!!
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