[DVD] Heat Guy J Box Set (6 DVD) - £7.99
[DVD] Heat Guy J Box Set (6 DVD) - £7.99

[DVD] Heat Guy J Box Set (6 DVD) - £7.99

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Repost of an old and ignored anime mega-bargain. Deserves more attention.

Still have no idea why Play decided to sell this for £7.99 - They forced all other stores to lower their prices bit by bit over time, £11.95 being the next best right now. I can understand them keeping the price due to little interest, but it's amazing to see a 26 episode anime box set go for so little over here.

The series isn't even bad, not at all. I finally started watching it (it's been sitting on my DVD shelf for many months) the other day and it's very entertaining, well worth the asking price.

If you want more in the way of reviews than the 5 on offer on the Play.com website, this link has 20+: animenfo.com/rev…ime


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I bought that last time it was mentioned on here for that price. Incredible bargain and a great series. I feel like I've ripped someone off for that price.

Same here - ordered when it was originally posted. A great price for a very entertaining series.

Whats the main plot about?



Think this has been out of stock since the last time it was posted

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This is a pretty good description:


The world is a much different place. Most of the earth's land has now … The world is a much different place. Most of the earth's land has now fallen under the rising sea. In the place of nations, city-states populate the earth. One of these is the metropolis of Judo, a city that is controlled by a shadow figure and full of mafioso. The government, unable to deal with the threat, has commissioned an elite crime bureau: The City Safety Management Agency Special Unit, an experimental section designed under the auspices of the Safety Agency's top man, Shun Aurora. The three agents assigned to the unit are Shun's younger brother, Daisuke, Kyōko Milchan, and the android called Heat Guy J. While Kyōko manages affairs at the office, Daisuke partners up with J in order to take care of the problems that the Judo police seem unable to handle.They needed a hero...So they built HEAT GUY J. J was secretly built by the government as a special agent to combat crime in the oceanic city-nation of Judo. While J initially appears to be human, the illusion quickly disappears in clouds of scorching steam when he fights. Together with his partner, Daisuke Aurora, the most dangerous criminals will soon find themselves on the run from Heat Guy J!

Out of stock but ordered

I ordered this last time but it was only just posted last week!

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Link? My search only showed an unanswered post made by some guy called Aion ages back.

Might have been on another forum, can't remember I'm afraid! I ordered it three months ago.

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I recall 'halfacandan' posting a link to it on another forum a few days ago.

Ordered this the last time as well.

Its still not been watched though lol

Went a bit mad on here a while ago i think and still havent got through everything :oops:

Got mine today, three months later!
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