[DVD] Manga Essentials: Vol. 2 (3 Discs) - £7.99

[DVD] Manga Essentials: Vol. 2 (3 Discs) - £7.99

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Found 28th Sep 2007
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Perfect Blue - Excellent thriller, one of the best anime movies out there. A tale of how the life of a cute Japanese (fictional) pop star goes all wrong as she tries her hand at acting and gets an psychotic stalker who's unhappy with her choice...

Blood, the Last Vampire - The prequel to the excellent Blood+ anime series. Decent movie for an action fan to watch... It doesn't have any real depth.

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend & Legend of the Demon Womb - All I know about these is that the quality is meant to be so bad they're actually hilarious to watch.
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