DVD R or DVD-R 100 Spindles £10.57 at Sainsbury's (Please Read Below)
DVD R or DVD-R 100 Spindles £10.57 at Sainsbury's (Please Read Below)

DVD R or DVD-R 100 Spindles £10.57 at Sainsbury's (Please Read Below)

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I will apologize in advance because this post is going to be very flaky. In the big sainsbury's hard drive rush the other day i also noticed that there were 100 dvd r and dvd-r that were half price however i cannot remember the brand but it wasn't anything special and also to my shame i can't remember the exact price but i know it was between 10 and 11 pounds but despite this vagueness i thought it was a good deal and that i should post it. This was in Calcot(Reading) Sain'sbury's but I would feel confident in saying it was a nationwide deal. If anyone has better details please post them. I await your slaughter.


You're doing Sunday catch up,I'll heat it for the price bracket and good intention!

I was up Sainsburys in Merry Hill yesterday and I saw them there for £10.57 too, so I think its nationwide.

The brand is RED, whoever they are.


The brand is RED, whoever they are.

Red is sainsburys own brand, got mine the other day, plenty of stock in stockton and middlesbrough
a hot price for 100 dvd's:thumbsup:

Any idea what media code they are?

i'd also like to know the dye mid code for the dvd+r version if anyone has them?

Anyone know if they are good quality discs?

I need to get some, my store has loads. If no one posts the dye by the time I buy some I will.

dvd-r btw, dvd+r are for gimps

are these printable???

I got 100 cd-r for about £7.80 cant remember exact and can find reciept.


are these printable???



are these printable???

No they're not.

I bought 100 CD-Rs and 100 DVD-Rs this morning.

100 x INSPIRED CD-R 52x @ £7.73 each (7.73p per disk)
100 x INSPIRED DVD-R 16x @ £10.73 each (10.73p per disk)

VAT Reducation of £0.40 in total

hot find and just as i needed some thanks

how do i attach a snap shot of the mid codes ?:thumbsup:

strange - I was charged 10.73 for one of each spindle -R & +R:?



just scanned the DVD+R 99.15% quality rating.

just scanned the DVD-R 94.19% quality rating. - will test another disc further down the spindle!! - - second test = 97.62%



Thank you for your post crazyhobo, it's a great deal :thumbsup:

I bought some of these the other day (was in Sainsburys Lincoln looking for some of the other stuff mentioned on HUKD).

Didn't find any of the other stuff, irons, scales, photo paper, matchbox cars, etc and was just about to go when walked past an end near the tills that had these on it.

I bought the DVD-R and so far, having burnt 6 discs, they seem to work fine on mine.


Come on, whats the dye on these?
How can anyone consider buying until they know what type of media theyre getting?

Because they are cheap and if its just for basic archive purposes any dvd will do the job just fine.



Because they are cheap and if its just for basic archive purposes any dvd … Because they are cheap and if its just for basic archive purposes any dvd will do the job just fine.

You have a lot to learn

its like buying a car if u dont see the mileage listed u start to worry and tis the same with blank media i dont want it to die in 2 weeks or not be compatiable with dvd players so i wont buy without knowing the dye, id imagine for the money its a very cheap dye, better to buy the tyg03 dye disks at svp for £13.

So this is only available instore right?


picked up 2 in washington today, lots left

thanks op


dye media code anyone?

Just in case anyone's confused about media codes - here's a quick summary explaining what they're for.



OK, what dye is it then?


OK, what dye is it then?

It's like a pinky kind of purple.


OK, what dye is it then?

Hasn't jbar1610 already posted the dye code indirectly, if u click on the links posted in message 15 ?

DVD-R media code: ISSM R02
DVD+R media code: ISSM 003

Need some myself cheap as chips for 100 but not printable so no good for me . Verbatium still the best quality .

i could use these

I just bought 100 of these "InspiRED" DVD-R's and the first 3 I tried to burn on my latest iMac all failed at 94% when being verified, so it seems they're dodgy. I'm taking the other 97 back for a full refund.

Hi Guys

offer back on again

used theses discs for a long time now and I only get one or two duff discs if any??

sometimes none per 100 spindle.

Bought 100 from Durham a couple of days ago. :-D

I got some in Nottingham seem good for the price replacing my Maxall spindle thats getting light and work great for what i need
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