[DVD] Silent Hill - £3.99 + 9% QuidCo
[DVD] Silent Hill - £3.99 + 9% QuidCo

[DVD] Silent Hill - £3.99 + 9% QuidCo

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The next best is £5.00.

I'm going to until until it hits £2.99 since I've waited this long. It's a good film, but not one I feel the need to buy £1 above my single DVD limit.


This might be a good price, but it is one of the most boring films I have ever seen. It's not even long. Sorry to throw that in there, just my 2p!

I agree, terrible film.

I loved the film

Reminded me of the games a lot.

I love the games and film.

great price, going to order when my NUS card finally comes thru, hope's its still around for that price then

Great Film for a great price, huge fan of the games.

Rep + Heat added

Voted Hot! Really enjoyed the film, found the piano-theme that played all the time a bit annoying though :D.

Deedle Deedle Deedle Deedle Dee Da Da Deedle Deedle Dee Dee ARGHGHGHGH

Its another poorly done game to film film.

fantastic first half, odd ending

This would be a good deal, except the film is poor 3/10 at most!

As a film I thought it was great. If I hadn't already had it would be on my list.
As for games???? who knows never played them.

Just goes to show, there's real split opinion on the film.

I liked it as I think it stayed true to the games that I've always loved.

But I also though people would enjoy it in its own right as well.


Yes I loved the part in the shower when Janet leigh was murdered

Original Poster

I found it to be an enjoyable film... I'm not quite sure why people hate it so much.

I've never played any of the Silent Hill games due to being a pussy.

It's all about opinions. I quite enjoyed the film I have to say...but I don't think I'd want it on DVD, even at this price. But it's worth a punt for anyone curious.

One of my favourite films. I didn't know about a game though?

I just enjoyed it again in HD on Sky.

I liked the film, it should have been better though. I am well into my horror and the games are truely petrifying. Much scarier than any film I have seen. Particularly when you hear the static.

If you haven't played the game and love a good scare, I would really recommend it.

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