DVD - The Prisoner Complete Collection - only £15.99 from HMV (Or £13.59 delivered...!!)

DVD - The Prisoner Complete Collection - only £15.99 from HMV (Or £13.59 delivered...!!)

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Found 1st Nov 2006
Lowest price I've seen this classic show yet!! The Prisoner is £15.99 delivered from HMV at the minute - but you have a multitude of voucher codes to choose from - 15% off makes this £13.59 delivered, or if you've already used the 15% off code, just use the 10% off. Chek out all the codes and decide what you're buying - work out which codes make the most savings for you, and the least in HMVs pocket!!

And whatever you do, don't forget to go through quidco.com for a whopping 11% cashback!

Details: This brand new re-packaged exclusive version of the classic TV series The Prisoner features stylish fold-out digipack packaging, emblazoned with classic images and stills from the series. The set now includes the 35th Anniversary DVD disc as well as the complete series, bringing the disc count up to 6. The discs themselves now feature images of key characters from the series, with McGoohan taking pride of place on disc 6.
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Wow - cracking deal - I just had to order it. Who is Number 1? You are Number 6.
This was going to be part of my big shop, but after the 15% code was re-issued it went back up to £49.99
I have clicked expired.
Ah that's a shame it went up. Don't worry, there'll be a good deal on it again, hopefully soon
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