[DVD/Misprice] He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Complete Season 1 - £17.89
[DVD/Misprice] He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Complete Season 1 - £17.89

[DVD/Misprice] He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Complete Season 1 - £17.89

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The next best price is £48.99. This only came out 4 days ago, so it has to be a misprice.

The complete first season (65 episodes!) of Prince Adam's adventures on the planet of Eternia where he must keep secret his alter-ego He-Man in order to thwart the evil machinations of dastardly villain Skeletor...


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"Episodes Comprise:

1.The Cosmic Comet
2. The Shaping Staff
3. Disappearing Act
4. Diamond Ray of Disappearance
5. She-Demon of Phantos
6. Teela's Quest
7. The Curse of the Spellstone
8.The Time Corridor
9. The Dragon Invasion
10. A Friend in Need
11. Masks of Power
12. Evil-Lyn's Plot
13 .Like Father, Like Daughter
14. Colossor Awakes
15. A Beastly Sideshow
16. Reign of the Monster
17. Daimar the Demon
18. Creatures From The Tar Swamp
19. Quest for He-man
20. Dawn of Dragoon
21. The Royal Cousin
22. Song of Celice
23. The Return of Orko's Uncle
24. Wizard of Stone Mountain
25. Evilseed
26. Ordeal in the Darklands
27. Orko's Favorite Uncle
28. The Defection
29. Prince Adam No More
30. The Taking of Grayskull
31. A Tale of Two Cities
32. Search for the VHO
33. The Starchild
34. The Dragon's Gift
35. The Sleepers Awaken
36. The Search
37. It's Not My Fault
38. Valley of Power
39. Trouble in Arcadia
40. House of Shokoti (Part 1)
41. House of Shokoti (Part 2)
42. Double Edged Sword
43. The Mystery of Man-E-Faces
44. The Region of Ice
45. Orko's Missing Magic
46. Eternal Darkness
47. Keeper of the Ancient Ruins
48. Return of Evil
49. Return of the Gryphon
50. Temple of The Sun
51. City Beneath the Sea
52. Teela's Trial
53. Dree Elle's Return
54. Game Plan
55. Eye of the Beholder
56. Quest for the Sword
57. Castle of Heroes
58. The Once and Future Duke
59. The Witch and The Warrior
60. The Return of Granamyr
61. Pawns of the Game Master
62. Golden Disks of Knowledge
63. The Huntsman
64. The Remedy
65. The Heart of A Giant"

What a bargain!
Got one of these for my son for Xmas, i want him to see what PROPER cartoons are like!


Ahh, classic!

Anyone know how many discs in this boxset? Doesn't say on Sendit or any other site selling it.

Voted hot. 80's here I come.

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Anyone know how many discs in this boxset? Doesn't say on Sendit or any … Anyone know how many discs in this boxset? Doesn't say on Sendit or any other site selling it.

Going on the amount in the 2 yank box sets (they split season 1 into 2 sets over there), 10 or 12.

This picture seems to speak for itself:


Tune Up

Going on the amount in the 2 yank box sets (they split season 1 into 2 … Going on the amount in the 2 yank box sets (they split season 1 into 2 sets over there), 10 or 12.This picture seems to speak for itself:

Blimey. Another great spot Tune Up. Makes this one hell of a bargain!!! :thumbsup:

What a find, snapped one up straight away, Tune Up you're a legend, voted hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

wouldn't normally get it but at that price for 10/12 discs of a classic, yes please. will sit nicely next to my G1 transformers tin lol thanks

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Just checked - If this set is simply the 2 yank box sets put together, it will most certainly be a 12 disc set.

I've never watched He-Man before, was kinda before my time. Still, I couldn't say no to it at this price, it will be a nice addition to my collection for £18.

seems to be 1 disc per volume and theres 10 volumes? amazon says its one disc lol

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All I'm going on is these having 6 discs each:


It's possible they cut down the amount of DVDs for our release, but I really have no idea.

however many, still good find.

looks like a balls up ]http//ww…114

Back up to £55.99 now:x

Still says £17.89 here....


Back up to £55.99 now:x

Strange... I just ordered mine at £17.89.....

By the power of greyskull !

Just ordered at £17.89 too, thanks, hope it comes off

My order now says out of stock

The availablity says "Usually Despatched within 72 hours", so I'd expect it to be out of stock and on order with the supplier.

ordered mine, thankyou very much for this brilliant offer !!

thanks .. just bought this

still showing at 17.89 for me

my order does say status: Temporarily out of Stock: Reordered tho

Don't forget 6% quidco for new customers. Great deal - HOT.

Yup I got my £1.07 validated in quidco.

Just ordered this for my son,he has never seen any of these,but his much older sisters have...i guess they can watch together....many thanks ...hot & rep.:thumbsup:

Very hot .This has made my day loved he man as kid.

Heres hoping they honour it

well i can verify there is 10 discs in this set - 9 volumes, the final volume has 2 discs.

how do i know this? becuause i bought this from play last year when it was a play exclusive, and was dissapointed it was just the 9 volumes with a slipcase. of course volumes 7-9 had never been released, but now they are and they only cost a tenner, so if this doesnt come off, just order the 1-3,4-6 and 7-9 boxets - shouldnt cost you more than £20.

i did order this though as i sold my other one for £45 as i knew when it became a regular release it would fall in value.

great find heat and rep added thx

Thank you so much for finding this deal. I'm over the moon! Order placed.

i hope they honour it - as long as people arent ordering it for any other reason than from themselves or family, we should be ok.

oh and i didnt go through quidco - didnt know sendit did it. did get ipoints though, useless they are.

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QuidCo is only 6% for new customers with them. I couldn't be bothered to create another account.

Just ordered - hope they honour it! Voted hot, thanks a lot!

Got this email :-( don't know if i'll get this.....ordered yesterday afternoon about 12'ish
Yet it's still on sale on their web site?

This is the automated sendit.com weekly order status mailer.
Listed below are any outstanding orders, and any titles that
have been sent to you in the last week.

Unfortunately we usually have no way of telling how long items
that are out of stock will take to arrive. Most take less than
a week, but occasionally titles drift out of print temporarily,
whilst the distributor waits for sufficient quantity of orders to
duplicate a new batch. If you get fed up waiting, don't forget
you can cancel your order at any time from your Order Status page:

Title Status
----------------------------------------- ---------------------
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Temporarily out of Stock

I got the same e-mail.

Not sure Sendit will be able to fulfill all the orders that have probably been placed, if they fulfill any of course.

Thanks what a bargain.

Original Poster

Like it says on the email, it's automated; it's sent to everyone at the end of the week who have orders placed for OOS items.

The status was still 'Usually despatched within 72 hours.' when I found it. They obviously haven't received much stock yet since it came out on the 24th.

Will they honour it? Not sure. They cancelled the Samurai Champloo box set misprice within a few hours, which I think was also priced at £17.89. That's one misprice I would've got the lube out over...

I have the power to pick up a flower.......had to be done, nice find.

I have just done this and got confirmation email. Anyone received it yet:giggle:

Oh sh$t. forgot to add quidco:-(
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