DVDs 4 for £20 in store at HMV

DVDs 4 for £20 in store at HMV

Found 30th Jul 2009
DVDs instore at HMV are 4 for £20. Probably cheaper online but might be good for someone who goes in store.

Wide variety of titles though. Can't remember what though cos just breezed thru! They did try to catch me with that Pure card though b4 i left!


Rubbish collection imo cant get them for around £4 all online

Haha, you say "catch" like it's a bad thing. There is absolutely no reason not to have a PureHMV card if you shop in HMV or on hmv.com with any regularity. None at all.

The last time I had a bargain in HMV was in the last century.
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