Dwell Mid-Season Sale
Dwell Mid-Season Sale

Dwell Mid-Season Sale

18 pages worth of cool interior stuff in the new sale!

I have posted deals for Dwell before.
Just to reiterate, some people may find the original prices a little hard to believe but remember, this is quality stuff... think more Heals than Ikea/MFI.
Anyway, hope it's useful for somebody.

You'll have to spend over £300 for free delivery unfortunately


i can do my boot sale on that Steel frame dining table THANKS :w00t:


Nice, thanks op

good find bud!

great find.

some lovely stuff - thanks boozie hadnt heard of them before.

interesting stuff!

more heals than mfi?

i know Dwell's sofas are made in china in bulk and shipped over - its stylish and good value but not on a par with heals. Also i once purchased a glass table from tesco direct and the exact same table was triple the price at Dwell.

Never heard of them before. There's some nice stuff there.

coo post


coo post

Yeah, pigeons will love it.

that was terrible :giggle:
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