Dwell Sale

Dwell Sale

Found 19th Oct 2008
Might still be too expensive for some but there's 4 pages of good reductions on some stylish interior stuff at Dwell.
Free delivery using the voucher too :-)
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Ive never heard of it but OMG how cool is some of their stuff,i'm gonna be spending more money now arrghhh
Never heard of them either! Just saw an ad in a sunday mag and went to the website.
Seems they have a store in Balham too (just down the road) so might take a look.

Cool stuff though i agree :-)
Theres one in Manchester on Deansgate and one in the new part of the Trafford Centre in Barton Sq
I thought it was a typo.:-D

Excellent site. thanks.
I bought a coffee table a few weeks ago and now ive seen one i prefer arrghhh
I've got to say that I love their stuff! Although not 'cheap' the sale stuff is VERY good value for money (which for me is what it's all about!). Voted HOT.
I love Dwell, just bought a new house and wish I could have decked it all out in Dwell but sadly funds did not allow it. Still voted hot though.
Where do you enter the free delivery code?
Some of there stuff is decent....some of it not so good and doesn't justify the price...even at reduced rates.

Have used them on and off for a while now.

Delivery can be suspect with them, ie damaging sofas, glass cabinets, our guttering....

Then trying to deny it, then asking for photos.......I sent them photos of the damage as requested, they were never responding, always had to chase and then the cheeky woman who was the leader of the pack started giving us the hard time as months had passed since the incident.....and this was all our fault.

Yes she got put in her place....politely of course with the facts! Got compensated partially but still poor poor service, it was grunt...take it or leave it
I have used them once. The design is nice and seems pretty solid, the assembly instruction needs an architectural degree though (and I do a lot of furniture assembling myself)
Great gear. Furnished a whole bachelor pad a couple of years ago. One small complaint about stiching on a chair and they replaced it straight away.
"Where do you enter the free delivery code?"

You have to use the following link and then when you checkout the delivery is free



"Where do you enter the free delivery code?"You have to use the following … "Where do you enter the free delivery code?"You have to use the following link and then when you checkout the delivery is freehttp://dwell.co.uk/SH1Carse

Rep added.
this place is awsome!
theres one in milton keynes which is a clearance store and they sell items for dead cheap!
for example theres high gloss black and white tv units worth £245 for £30!!!
but be aware that they maybe marked or scrtached!
just be extra vigilent when looking at the items

Dwell Clearance Store
Central Retail Park
Patriot Drive
Milton Keynes
MK13 8PU
tel: 0845 678 1002

opening hours:
Mon-Sat 10am to 7pm, Sun 11am to 5pm
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