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Bergen three seater sofa forest green velvet £868.99 @ Dwell
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Bergen three seater sofa forest green velvet £868.99 @ Dwell£868.99
Seen this at Dwell Chichester store today within Homebase, was £999 but got it for £799 and the delivery was £69. In forest green but was told can get other colours and size optio… Read more

Ok why is this one cold?



I saw what you did there (y)


Wrong spelling, your thinking of Dell


I wouldn't dwell on it.

Hanging blue glass pendant light - £99 @ Dwell
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Posted 6th Nov 2019Posted 6th Nov 2019
Hanging blue glass pendant light - £99 @ Dwell£99
Hanging blue glass pendant light Huge Discount down from £400 to under a £100. Bought one. Thought I'll share.

Been this price for months!


£400?! Surely it’d have to be made from Waterford Crystal to warrant that kind of price tag.

Ripple ball pendant light £74 @ Dwell
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Posted 22nd Jul 2018Posted 22nd Jul 2018
Ripple ball pendant light £74 @ Dwell£74
Was £149, Now £74. Its a good price from a quality brand. Materials Aluminium Dimensions h104cm : w62cm
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Stunning lights. Would love these (y)


Are these strong enough to take a young boys weight when he swings on them ?

Orb trio glass pendant light @ Dwell - £74
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Posted 22nd Jul 2018Posted 22nd Jul 2018
Orb trio glass pendant light @ Dwell - £74£74£14950%
Dwell is a good quality brand. Was £149 now £79. The flawless chrome finish and the subtle tint of the glass combine to create a contemporary cluster of pendant lights that add wa… Read more
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Giant curved floor light with glass shade £124 @ Dwell
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Posted 22nd Jul 2018Posted 22nd Jul 2018
Giant curved floor light with glass shade £124 @ Dwell£124
Was £249 now £124. With a frosted glass shade hanging down from a telescopic curved arm, this light is great for hanging over a dining table or coffee table. It has a heavy marble … Read more
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It seems impractical. There's this great curved stand bending over your dining table/coffee table which inevitably someone is going to bump into and knock over


Dwell is a quality brand not Argos or some cheap stuff.


Problem is people think it's expensive, they have no idea of the quality. All they see is the price and compare to an Argos special.


Was really overpriced. Now it’s just a little over priced


was 249!!!? 😨

Dwell Oslo corner sofa - £499 / £516.95 delivered @ Dwell
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Posted 20th Jun 2018Posted 20th Jun 2018
Dwell Oslo corner sofa - £499 / £516.95 delivered @ Dwell£516.95
Seems a decent deal? Anyone out there got one of these?

No information on cushion fillings so suspect they're hollow fibre, which equals sag. They may be foam though, at best. Dwell in my opinion is usually high gloss low quality stuff, designed to look good until it's used.


That's why it's a lower price.


looks very low

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20% off Dwell furniture. Works on sale items
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Posted 12th Oct 2017Posted 12th Oct 2017LocalLocal
20% off Dwell furniture. Works on sale items
This is from Ideal Home magazine runs until 31st October 2017. If you want to use in store get the November issue of Ideal Home. Min spend £250

But you must have liked the design to buy two. Cannot vouch for the quality but if you are getting a discount on a sale price you may be able to find something worth the money.


No code - just follow the link when on a desktop and then you will see the details of the offer. Shows full price in basket but when you click though to pay the price should reflect discount. Strange I know.


Is there a discount code because I don't see it...?


Have two of their sofas....over priced poorly made junk at best.


If viewing on a mobile switch to desktop view to see offer info. Also seems to only show discount once you click "pay with card". I've not completed a payment but it showed a total with discount on the sale items applied so assuming that will be the price to pay.

Ripple rocker extra large light grey £124 @ DWELL.
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Posted 9th Oct 2017Posted 9th Oct 2017
Ripple rocker extra large light grey £124 @ DWELL.£124
This look like cream to me than light grey but I might be wrong or the website is showing the wrong color. WAS £249 now 124. Ride waves of comfort while reclining with a good book… Read more
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no legs


It is comfortable, but avoid as it is cheap faux leather and the skin starts to peel off


does this have the chrome side arms? weired its not showing them attached to the chair?


Looks very very comfortable

DWELL Swivel base faux leather lounger stone £133 (70% off, Was £449)
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Posted 19th Aug 2017Posted 19th Aug 2017
DWELL Swivel base faux leather lounger stone £133 (70% off, Was £449)£133
Perfect for those lazy days, this stunning designer loungers undulating shape means you relax for hours in comfort. An adjustable headrest suits any height of person. Materials: … Read more
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Anyone know what other store (in store and online) sell these kind of furniture? Am looking for some inspiration for the new house.


We've had leather sofas and faux leather chairs - first leather sofa lasted more than 20 years and second is 14 and still going. Chairs crack after 1-3 years and will not be buying them again. If you keep leather out of the sun and/or feed it a bit of cream now and then it will last, this rubbish is the classic buy cheap buy twice.


This would take up too much room


You can swivel on it.


Tough crowd tonight.

dwell 20% off full price items when you spend over £250
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Posted 11th May 2016Posted 11th May 2016
dwell 20% off full price items when you spend over £250
Dwell 20% off furniture when you spend over £250. Also additional sale lines are on too. Get further discount too via top cash back or quidco.
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Good luck, probably depends how picky you are about overpriced, badly manufactured Chinese furniture.


one coming near me in a couple of weeks. can't wait all I've heard is excellent customer service,quality furniture and good prices. (near Chester). when you buy a bag of apples you will get a bad one every other time.


I have personally had good experiences and they have always been helpful if I do have any queries. Perhaps you had a bad experience. The company as a whole is well established and based in popular areas incl Westfield.


Had nothing but trouble with this company, terrible quality products.

Red bar stools £38.00 @ Dwell
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Posted 11th May 2014Posted 11th May 2014
Red bar stools £38.00 @ Dwell£38
Red bar stool, big reduction compared to the other colours, not sure if any good quality but might be helpful.

Oki no worries thanks for letting me know. If the quality is the same then it's not a decent deal and they are being very optimistic charging £100 for the black version.


Could be because Dwell are an awful company to deal with (in my experience). However I haven't voted either way so it's just a guess!




Why Cold?

Large Clear Glass Dining Table with Stellar base - Dwell - Reduced from £299 to £89 @ Dwell
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Posted 6th May 2014Posted 6th May 2014
Large Clear Glass Dining Table with Stellar base - Dwell - Reduced from £299 to £89 @ Dwell£89
Stellar base glass dining table clear.. The oval design of this table means it gives a large dining area without compromising the space in the room. It has a statement stellar bas… Read more

This ^^^. Understandable though as some people need to buy the cheap rubbish because of not being able to afford the real quality stuff. pmsl....nice one. It does have that Beetlejuice decor about it. :D


really? where did you hear this from? I've ordered but out of stock so expecting delivery sometime in June.


I heard that a large batch of these tables were returned due to "quality control issues"


Thanks for posting the pics, love the decor!


This one shows the matching chairs - they go great with the table, really stylish.I have put down 4 VERY LARGE dining plates to show the room on the table - I have had 6 around this table many times.

Dwell Ripple Rocker - £69, reduced from £149. @ Dwell
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Posted 5th May 2014Posted 5th May 2014
Dwell Ripple Rocker - £69, reduced from £149. @ Dwell£69
This could go either way so here goes nothing... Brown dwell ripple rocker chair (small one) normally £149 reduced to £69. I know, i know, over priced etc etc but if you have e… Read more

The Red version is this price now.


why? just why?


That's what she said.


Yeah! Its more about the width tbh. The small one is good but not dead wide.


these ok for 6 ft plus guys?

Verona right hand corner sofa charcoal £799 @ Dwell
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Posted 17th Jan 2014Posted 17th Jan 2014
Verona right hand corner sofa charcoal £799 @ Dwell£799
One of our most luxurious sofas, the Veronas wide arms and huge chaise section means there is plenty of room to lounge on this sofa. Available in two colours that are complimentary… Read more
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Looks nice

Dwell Angled leg glass dining table - Was £599 now £179
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Posted 16th Jan 2014Posted 16th Jan 2014
Dwell Angled leg glass dining table - Was £599 now £179£214
Was looking for a smart dining room table and thought this was a bargain... Delivery, i believe, is £35 Angled leg glass dining table was £599 Now £179 With just three sheets o… Read more

Imagine paying 600 pound for that






No, you aren't imagining it. They screwed over a load of customers, carrying on taking orders right up to the day before they went into administration despite knowing there was no chance they could deliver the goods. They were then bought back by the original owner who has kept some of the stores open, but there isn't much goodwill left hence the much bigger than normal discounts.


Was this ever really £599? A so-called ‘bargain’ we can all see right through!

Dwell 80% sale at instore and online C&C
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Posted 24th Aug 2013Posted 24th Aug 2013
Dwell 80% sale at instore and online C&C£3.95
Sale bedroom, living and dining furniture, office furniture, bathroom cabinets, mirrors and vanity units, lighting, accessories, outdoor and gifts

Thanks for this, spent £12 saved £48!! Heat!!


I kinda like this, but maybe not for £99 (down from £199)

Dwell 25% discount when you spend over £99  - Bank Holiday Weekend. + Free Delivery
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Posted 3rd May 2013Posted 3rd May 2013
Dwell 25% discount when you spend over £99 - Bank Holiday Weekend. + Free Delivery£99
25% discount available this weekend from Dwell when you spend over £99. They have some fantastic items. Plus free delivery!!!! Plus 7% Quidco

Have you ever purchased anything from Dwell? I have and have always been impressed with the quality and service. I doubt if you would find a similar retailer with the same quality and at the same price.


over inflated prices only to slightly reduced with apparent discount. False economy!


Plus 7% Quidco


nice find

Coffee Table in Gloss Red £99.00 @ Dwell
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Posted 31st Jan 2013Posted 31st Jan 2013
Coffee Table in Gloss Red £99.00 @ Dwell£99
Was £249, now £99. Similar examples elsewhere and on Ebay going for full price or more. We've been on the hunt for a modern coffee table and this fits the bill. Must say v.impresse… Read more

Out of stock!


Ours works really well atop a cowhide rug on dark wood flooring . Our home is mostly traditonal in design so this table adds a bit of zip and a nice splash of colour to our living room. Style is both retro and modern too; and one of the few things the misus instantly 'got'. IMO this is alot of table for the money.


Love it....room could take it, can,t persuade hubby.....says too sixties....boo..hoooo, normally would ignore him, thinking of selling..trying to be wise!!!!!!


. Pleasure.:{


Thank you

Upright gloss sideboard black - £379.00 @ Dwell
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Posted 12th Dec 2012Posted 12th Dec 2012
Upright gloss sideboard black - £379.00 @ Dwell£379
Upright gloss sideboard black @Dwell reduced from £479 to £379, saving around 21%. -PriceCutAlerts
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dear, but i like


Dwell is one of the most hilariously overpriced shops I know!!


"The gloss finish contrasts with the gloss finish to make a statement." Huh? Also very difficult to repair if scratched.


Holy Poop - I would not like to be the one who has to dust that !!! :)

Free Rituals Hand Lotion @ Dwell
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Posted 1st Sep 2012Posted 1st Sep 2012
Free Rituals Hand Lotion @ Dwell
Dwell have teamed up with luxurious home and body brand, Rituals, to offer you a little treat when you join their mailing list. All you need to do is sign up in any of their Dwell … Read more
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why is every one voting cold.....good information.......will go instore tommorrow and get one.thanks......heat from my side.


Not for Leicester :(


In store only