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Free gym/swim/classes at DW Fitness - Red Monday 21st jan
21/01/2019Starts at 21/01/201921/01/2019Expires on 21/01/2019Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
RED MONDAY is coming! This Monday 21st January we are turning Blue Monday red by opening up all of our gyms for anyone to use. Grab some friends and pop down for a free workout.
Free 3 day pass with DW fitness first
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Free 3 day pass with DW fitness first!

I can second that Worst customer service for a gym Join and get tied into long term contracts with hefty fines if you want to cancel


No deal this is all year round thing, dont give them your phone number or you will be bombarded with calls to join


Perfect I could go 3 times in a week then never go back again

FREE 3 Day GYM Pass at DW Fitness
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Free 3 Days Pass
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It says it expires really soon :( Wasn't planning to use it for a while. Alas. Shouldn't have signed up yet!


I was a member with them for 6 years, never had an issue.


My thoughts too.


You can get this anytime it’s not new and it’s available all year round


very pushy firm dont bother

Join any DW gym and get 5 weeks for FREE
LocalLocalFound 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Decent deal if looking to joking a gym! 5 weeks free is a rare deal! You do need to join up for a 12 month contract

Been to my local DW, i have to say i was really impressed, clean and good staff. Obviously this will change from site to site but am realy glad i signed up!


A month back I took up their offer for a free 3 day pass. Turned up and was told that it would only be valid for one day. The facilities were smaller with less equipment than a nearby 'thegym' which cost half as much...


Will do, thats crazy i was sooo near to paying in one go too! Hope a good old fashioned moan gets it sorted! Ill be on the phone first thing! Thank you!


Apparently, yes it will. I'd check with them tomorrow though if I was you.


I also did not get ANY emails at all! Will it apply to the pay monthly for the 12 month contract by DD?

3 Day Pass Free at DW Gyms / pools / sauna etc
Refreshed 17th Oct 2018Refreshed 17th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Just sign up online and go along

The one in Cambridge, happened to be doing a whole week free




I go third space, in London. £170 for membership (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


Might be worth checking with your employer if you decide to join, I got £4 off a month, not huge but every penny helps I suppose (y)


Cottons is the good one London Bridge is very basic.

Bring a friend to DW for free every Friday
LocalLocalFound 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
Bring a friend to DW for free every Friday
Members of DW can bring a friend over 16 for free every Friday. Can be the same or different person each week! You don’t have to book them in, just bring them along and they fill … Read more

Why do some Gyms feel the need to hide or make u jump through hoops just to find the sodding membership price.

Free week gym pass to DW nationwide
LocalLocalFound 11th Jul 2018Found 11th Jul 2018
Free week gym pass to DW nationwide
It’s fitness week at DW 16th-22nd July. Can use the gym, pool and/or classes everyday between the dates

That’s horrendous! Which Dw was that?


lucky you, in my case the car registration system inside the gym was not working (so no way to register car) BUT they left the cameras on and issued tickets anyway. Unbelievably they turned down my appeal, then issued a pre-court CCJ letter - DW asked ParkingEye to cancel the charge, 3 times, no response, so I had to write to PE objecting etc, eventually got it cancelled - but it should not have been issued in the first place. Worth the hassle? I'll never step foot in a DW gym or shop again. Very last visit decided to park on road outside gym - I wasn't the only one - got chatting to lady who had just received 2 PE charge letters - legit Gym members should not be subjected to this crap


I forgot my car reg once and I told dw and they sorted it out for me and didn’t have to pay anything


watch out if the DW gym uses ParkingEye, cancelled my membership because of the hassle (took months) of getting wrongly issued £100 parking charge cancelled


thanks I asked bcz last time I had such a deal .. they made me wait like 1h to register me & give me a card bcz there was long queue but that was with everyoneactive not DW

DW Bring a friend week- unlimited times
LocalLocalFound 18th Apr 2018Found 18th Apr 2018
You could probably just go along without knowing someone who is a member BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE ALL WEEK It's FitnessWeek at DW Fitness First. Members can bring a friend to … Read more

How has a gym deal turned to questions enquiring about what the homeless’s favourite beverage is? Hahahaha


It's high abv like white cider, as someone who was once down that road I understand why, ( not for the past 6 years though) (y)


As an aside, have you ever wondered why the chosen drink of homeless people is frequently Tennent's?


Skol super, drink of kings


I was on the stellar

3 months Free & No joining fee for students @ FitnessFirst
LocalLocalFound 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
3 months Free & No joining fee for students @ FitnessFirst
Just signed up in the Angel Fitness First and got 3 months free didn’t pay any joining fee and got a free personal training session too. Usually £35 but worked out at £26.25 a mon… Read more
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I just showed them my NUS card


*in full time education?


The title is misleading. The actual offer is £26.25 a month (12 months) & No joining fee for students

Dw Fitness £5 join
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
Dw Fitness £5 join
We're offering you an exclusive Last chance opportunity for a Peak membership for just £32 per month at DW Fitness Club SPECIAL MAY Offer 2017 OFFER (ends 12th MAY) • Pay Only £5 … Read more
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you have to take out a 6 month or 1 years membership to get this offer


One in Newport needs a massive refurbishment.. Gym and pool are in a poor state..




​they allow kidd?


it depends on the gym - I'd go along to a couple near you and check 'em out - there are 2 near me, one is well run & and has nice staff, the other one isn't so well run and the staff are miserable. they are well kitted out but no better than Pure Gym which is a lot cheaper, but Pure Gyms near me don't have a pool. I don't use the pool as it's usually full of young kids or grannies

USN upto 50% off @ DW fitness (i.e £16 for ultralean 1 kilo)
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
USN upto 50% off @ DW fitness (i.e £16 for ultralean 1 kilo)
decent prices cheaper than Amazon i.e £16 for ultralean 1 kilo
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I think this is a meal replacement and not a diet whey. Means you can substitute meals with it whereas Diet Whey is more just an added supplement which is low in carbs or calories.


hot yes allot of us wait for 50% deals but you have to wait - thanks op


No one pays over double the price for the same or inferior product. Bulk powders have 30% off atm. My protein regularly discounts their diet whey (which has higher protein content and a better all round ingredients).


[image missing][img]http://argos.scene7.com/is/image/Argos/2620536_R_Z001A?fmt=pjpg&wid=920&hei=855[/img]


​wheres the joke, show a better high street deal considering the ultralean is £29 in Argos and £16 in DW http://www.argos.co.uk/product/2620536

DW Fitness all access membership - £5 for Jan then £35 per month (works out at £32.50pm over 12 months)
Found 29th Dec 2016Found 29th Dec 2016
DW Fitness all access membership - £5 for Jan then £35 per month (works out at £32.50pm over 12 months)
Not a bad deal at the moment. Sign up and pay £5, then the next dd won't come out until 1st Feb for £35pm membership fee. Use all other DW locations if needed and access througho… Read more
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Thats me out then


It's paid monthly but is a minimum term of 12 months


how long is the membership? I assume rolling monthly like most decent gyms these days

DW Sports Gym No Joing Fee and half price membership till 2017 - £424
Found 15th Sep 2016Found 15th Sep 2016
Current deal on offer with DW Sports Gym Facilities include Personal Trainers Swim, Steam & Spa Gym Floor Group Exercises Example Any Club Peak Membership £25 - For the re… Read more

​I feel your pain. don't get me wrong I'm no advocate for these gyms as the op. My good lady needs a pool so our choice was limited. We could have got a 10% corporate deal, but this current offer just works out better. hence I thought it might be worthwhile for a few HUKD members. As for the parking eye, good luck to them. We get just 2hrs but all the posers park their Audi's in the disabled spaces.. (like they do at most gyms unfortunately)


please dont join.might seem a good deal,but factor in poor service,long down time on equipment when damaged,dirty environment,all staff on zero hr contracts(dont care,but whom can blame them),but the main one is PARKING EYE SCUM BAGS are now being rolled out across the board.despite the fact your contract is with dw,the P.E SCUM BAGS only allow you 4 hours in the gym,and you have to input your reg every time you go,(is this even legal?)if not 100 fine,despite the fact that they know this is a member car.sign at your peril.and yes i am a long standing member serving 30 day notice because of this.i am at the blackburn one.


One in Newport is rubbish.. Needs a major refit and rethink.. Cleanliness is poor and they want to charge plus 35 quid.. The only water fountain broke today.. No water and the air con is knackered... Madness... Customer centric? Profit centric! Just lost a lot of members to exercise for less.. Can't leave as the other half won't.. Catch 22...


​http://www.dwgymgroup.com/leicester/ but no swimming pool etc


Leicester pay.

DW Fitness Clubs Gyms £5 January membership
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
DW Fitness Clubs Gyms £5 January membership
For all those new years resolutions, £5 for all of January can't be too bad!!

DW Cambridge is a joke. The air conditioning has been broken for four months and the manager has failed to sort it out. she is inept and should be fired. The toilets and general cleankiness are sub standard. Avoid this gym friends!


Newport gym is poor value.. Needs an update - Old Kit, poor showers, limited classes etc.. @ £34 per month corporate rate it does not offer a lot... Just started to use Pure Gym.. Better value...


Gyms have to go into room 101 for me.


Rather put my money to some exercise equipment at home, at least I can hang my clothes on that when i invariably won't use it :)


You need to sign up for a minimum 6 months. Better priced and equipped gyms out there IMO

UK DW Sports new members deal! *£28 for 28 days*
Found 1st Jul 2015Found 1st Jul 2015
UK DW Sports new members deal! *£28 for 28 days*
I've been looking for a decent gym to join and just saw this deal come up recently that doesn't need a full 12 month commitment straight away. DW Sports are a good gym that most o… Read more
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Not good in the Newport club and I'm paying £34 !! time to change I think..


Im signed up to Dw Sport in cardiff. Im not sure if its a local or national deal but there is no yearly contract and its only £17.95 a month and can cancel anytime.

1 free day at your local DW Fitness Club
Found 8th Mar 2015Found 8th Mar 2015
1 free day at your local DW Fitness Club
Complete the form and receive one free guest pass for one day at your local gym! :)
DW Fitness Free Guest Pass worth £10 In the back of DW sports retail brochure,
Found 3rd Feb 2015Found 3rd Feb 2015
DW Fitness Free Guest Pass worth £10 In the back of DW sports retail brochure,
Free guest pass for gyms One pass per person In the back of DW sports retail brochure, Also in book - £10 gift card for 100 pound spend And: £5 gift card for 50 pound spend

Never heard of them? .. are they any good? lol.

DW Gym- Multipower Fit Protein Drink - 3 for £6
Found 15th Nov 2014Found 15th Nov 2014
DW Gym- Multipower Fit Protein Drink - 3 for £6
DW Gyms currently have an offer on Multi Power fit drinks at 3 for 2 so that works out at £2 a bottle, you can also buy as many as you need so 12x2=£24 for a Crate. RRP of these a… Read more

nice one


Comment Similar? Syntha 6


so what would be the best similar type of drink to get? any recommendations?


421 calories a bottle...mmmm...bulking.


50g of carbs, of with sugars 50g That's very poor! Clearly a cheap cheap cheap protein source! Poor.

FREE starter gym pack worth £40 DW SPORTS when joining
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
FREE starter gym pack worth £40 DW SPORTS when joining
I joined DW sports a while ago and its really good, but if u join now u get a FREE starter gym pack worth £40

Likewise, I'd need to know what's in it. They were offering something similar when I went to DW a while ago, and if it's the same sort of offer, I suspect it'll be something along the lines of the following: Water bottle (their RRP £7.99 - available in all good pound shops) Towel (their RRP £14.99 - also available in all good pound shops!) Pedometer (their RRP £9.99... as above) Gym bag... you get the picture! But I could be totally wrong and they could be giving you... hmm... what could they actually give you that's worth £40 that you need for the gym? New trainers?!


In order to evaluate if this is worth £40 or anything at all really, hukd'rs need to know what's in the 'starter pack'. Otherwise this is going to get chilly

DW sports and fitness 28 days for £28.00
Found 3rd Jul 2013Found 3rd Jul 2013
DW sports and fitness 28 days for £28.00
No contact, jus 28 day for 28 quid, offer ends end of july, not for every 1, but ok

Cold. This offer is not available in every gym.


oh well, didn't think it was gonna get hot anyway, was thinkin of goin there to use steam room and jacuzzi, mayb pool for the months whist its summer,


I used to be a member of a JD Sports gym that turned into a DW. Back then I paid £28 per month all the time. Now pay £10.99 per month with Pure Gym. This is a terrible offer


Pure Gym is only £18.99 per month standard price. No special offer yet a lot cheaper!


Absolutely ridiculous price