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Spovan Blade SPV706 Outdoor Fishing Barometer Altimeter Thermometer Alarm Stopwatch Countdown Timer Weather Forecast 50M WR £17.90 @​
Refreshed 10th NovRefreshed 10th Nov
I know you can buy Casio ProTrek watches that have similar functions - though you'd need to add another zero on the end of the price for some Casio models (assume the Spovan's "Fis… Read more
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I see you only communicate in gifs. My point being, that not all Chinese watches are trash.



I've been wearing my Guanqin GJ16106 all week and blimmin' love it. It keeps better time than the Seiko Alpinist I paid nearly ten times more for!!


Great point. And because of that

OUKITEL C12 Pro - 2/16GB - £61.62 - DealExtreme
Refreshed 10th NovRefreshed 10th NovShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Pretty basic spec but if it ends up looking anything like the renders then it's easy enough on the eye. I've had a couple of Oukitel phones and they were ok, decent enough build q… Read more
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Only quad core. Only octa core mediatek CPUs are ok . Quad core are underpowered .


Massive low res screen. Two way below standard cameras. RAM and processor that will struggle with Android 8.1 never mind multitasking apps. And let's not forget the likelihood of customs tax. This is with the utmost respect to OP a bad deal.


6.18 inch, 480 x 996 Pixel Screen? thats a bit of a joke...


good spec for price, includes compass and gyro for £61 as long as you understand the caveats of chinese phones , no warranty, doa, no returns, bugs etc


i have oukitel k5000 apart from the cameras the phone is great

Original Xiaomi MIJIA Mi Vacuum Sweeping Robot - White £172.07 £331.83
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Intelligent Multiple sensors; Layout mapping, path planning; Auto recharge; Connection cleaning ② Powerful Brushless DC motor; Main hower brush; Side dynamic brush; 10m edge… Read more
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It works fine on a carpet, the wheels are fairly substantial to handle this, it is also very good at getting itself out of issues. It also has no problem with flat rugs. Deep pile could be an issue in either case.


Bought mine in January, all of a sudden it will no longer hold any charge, switches off and won't come back on unless it is docked, app says it is 100% charged, try and use it though and it immediately switches off when it leaves the dock. I have filed a ticket with Gearbest but not holding out much hope, naturally they want me to record a video of what it does and send it to them as well as chapter and verse on what I have tried to fix it. Mine is not the first, a search round shows at least a few people have had this issue around this time. Now I am thinking I probably made a very expensive mistake buying something from China as it won't be worth sending back if that's what they request. A new battery appears to be between £50 - £70. I paid on PayPal so might try their dispute system if I get nowhere. Pretty gutted...


It might work ok on a smooth wooden/marble totally smooth floor with that little properly thing cleaning the edge maybe, but on any sort of carpet or floor and rug, it's going to fail, isn't it? So just a gimmick or a party talking point (skeptical)


I think original might refer to it being the first evolution of the product. I.e. the original one. Not a subsequent model.


Just pi$$es me off everytime I see "original" or "genuine" in the title just like the fleabay.... ofcourse you expect it to be original.. but makes you wonder...

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Reolink Argus 100% Wire-Free 1080p HD Outdoor Wireless Battery-Powered Security IP Camera - £64.29 @ Deal Extreme
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
I bought some of these when they were on the crowd funding site around a year or so ago and they are good. this is the lowest price i have seen these at. Details: 100% Wire Free … Read more

Are there any delays once movement is detected? I almost purchased the netgear Arlo but apparently there is a short delay switching on when movement is detected, missing crucial images.


Well if you use them outside for security it should be a problem, security shops sell anti-spider sprays which work a bit, but I think the infra red light from the cameras actually attracts flying insects! Complete security systems apparently work by detecting movement on more than one camera. If you don't want everyone and his dog looking through your camera then I think you at least have to change username and password from the default. But I think even then some cameras allegedly remain open.


Yeah i have to say i had many ip cameras including the ones that you can remotely move but due to my lack of skills with this kind of thing i could never get them to work without having them plugged in to the router and always had trouble accessing them from elsewhere in the country or abroad but like i said thats down to my lack of "How to" skills when setting these kind of things up so was very happy when this easy to set up type of camera came out which i could just scan onto my smartphone to work. Never had any issue with security on these cameras but i guess its possible with anything with a camera to be hacked. as you said i think half the battle is getting a descent app to match you camera setup. Well our cameras are all indoors at the moment so can't give you any feedback on spiders and rain but i would guess they would do what yours did....i might have to test that one out lol.


Maybe ok for you (and others) but personally I like to be able to connect directly to the cameras ip address via a browser, That way I can use teamviiewer remotely to access the camera. I have another one of the more 'advanced' type which uses an app. This I can move remotely. I've found a proper application to access that which I can use on a pc. I don't trust the ap to access it remotely. And I don't want to pay money to some 'cloud' website :) Regarding security: that basically sucks. spiders, rain, insects all set them off, despite setting only a small active area. When I first set one up with emails, I was getting 400 a night! How is this one?


i bought a cheap charger and a set of 12 ( i think ) batteries when on offer on Amazon so didn't pay that much for them. i have one set in the camera and one set on charge. i guess the price depends on what you need the camera to do. for me these were well worth the money i paid when they first came out as i didn't want to have to supply power via a cable to them and as a result i can place them anywhere i need them rather than have to keep running power cables everywhere. :-)

GPD WiN 2 Core M3 Gaming Handheld Windows 10 £498.02 @ DealExtreme
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
This is a very niche machine and a little pricey but this is the cheapest price out there. £535 at Geekbuying. 3.85% quidco too Video review Speci… Read more
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I only got rid of mine because I was worried the battery may go and I'll have trouble replacing it. I still have the XD, which I really like, as it lets me play all my 8 and 16 bit stuff.


doest matter what they quote, you still have a tax liability


Me too, and I am surprised how useful it is as a standard windows machine. I have mine near me all the time in a 3DS case and if I need a windows use it’s always what I boot up instead of my laptop


Read the FAQs on their site under tax and duty they state they don’t print invoice for normal airmail. It’s standard for Chinese orders, go for standard airmail you have a 95% chance of no costs, any fast track delivery you will be hit, 100%


is this shipped from outside the EU? if so don't forget your VAT and import duty liability, that'll add over £100 on top.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro - £636.38 / £664.13 delivered @ DealExtreme
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Good price for a great laptop. Not sure on customs etc though!
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On windows 10 it's under region and language in the settings menu. Click on the current language and an options button will appear. Click that and you can add whatever keyboard you like to that language. If you have more than one you can switch between them by pressing the windows key and space. The key bit to understand here is your keyboard doesn't speak english to the computer, it says button 56 was pressed. What button 56 actually does is up to the computer to decide. What's printed on the keys doesn't really matter.


Add tax. Makes it £800. Your purchase goes through but the delivery company charges 20% - EVERY TIME! Then when something goes wrong, good luck. I bought a mobile from GEEKBUYING. Wow, what a mistake! Contacting them is a pain. Customer service is non-existent. It's like they are getting us back for the Opium Wars. It has now been 9 months. They have still not returned my money. I have a rule. If it's from china, add 50% to take the tax and potential inconvenience into account.


Cheekymonkey how do you remap the keyboard? I've ordered it from Geadbest and am awaiting delivery. TIA


Top laptop, have the i7. They keyboard can be remapped so the $ = £ which is what ive done. Superb laptop truly is, all wee need now is a hard shell cover!!


This is the i5 version of this laptop. If you include the standard shipping cost of £27.75 then the actual price to your door for this is £664.13 (assuming no customs). You can get the i7 version of this laptop on Gearbest for £661 currently with free shipping to the UK. If you want the i5 version they are selling that for £653.17 and if you apply the code 'GBsale071' then it works out as £598.99 including shipping. I've been keeping an eye on this laptop for a while. It's the best laptop in it's price range on the market, but with effectively no warranty then there is a bit of a risk.

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Bluboo S3 6.0 Inch Sharp FHD+ 8500mAh 12V/2A NFC 4GB RAM 64GB ROM MTK6750T 1.5GHz 4G Smartphone - Gold £107.02 @ DealExtreme
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
For only £107.02 FHD screen, 8500 mah battery Dual camera 4gb ram, 64 GB rom NFC Global Version

Thanks for the reply 'jumpinoffthbed'. I mean the phone is pretty good, I wouldn't say I'm all too attached to it it's just hard to get a large battery (mah) capacity retail and if I had to replace it from a Chinese website / retailer it would take maybe 25 days to arrive and there is always the possibility of customs charge. I wasted some of that £100 + on buying a new glass (it's much easier for repair shops to fit a new screen if you get them the part that includes the LCD - which carries an additional cost) and being messed about by a shop that tried to fix it, failed, and charged me £15 for the privilege of returning my broken phone. Oukitel as far as I know are still providing updates for the K6000 Plus model I'm just not really checking since one of their recent updates reset the OS and reset my 2FA programs which was a fairly major inconvenience for me. Enjoy your phone !


Wow you must love that phone lol. I won't be using an otg cable on my k3 now then (skeptical) I only paid 75 for mine and I'm really impressed with it for that price and the battery lasts days.. I can play a game for 3 hours solid and still have 40% left. Did you get an ota android security update the other day?


I am inclined to agree. The Google Certified status and Google Protect may help identify the shenigans under the hood by signalling Google Pay and banking apps to not work. These are enforced this year and OEMs cannot just install Google apps (or side load them) on their untested mobiles and sell them because they wont work. Also, am curious Company philosophy of Bluboo. Does anyone know? Perhaps, its "CON THEM ALL SUCKERS"


Amazing specs on paper and for the money. But the issues mentioned by many here are putting me right off from considering this :(


I had a bluboo once. Came with free malware in a weather app which used a lot of data, presumably sending my information to China. Stick to Xiaomi or you'll live to regret it.

VoBot - Alexa enabled LED Alarm Clock with Built in Amazon Alexa - Free shipping £31.01 @ DX
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Found this and looks excellent, does all that an echo will apart from picking up your voice has to be activated by touch, great for the bedroom and adds to privacy as not always l… Read more

Are people really worried about their Echo's listening to their private conversations?


You can set it up from the website without installing the app, that's how I did mine.


Had one of these but sent it back it's so unreliable at it's most basic function of being an alarm clock. Its supposed to have a backup feature where if it loses internet connection it defaults to a normal alarm tone (if using internet radio for alarm) but it just doesn't work. Nice try but misses the mark


As a contrasting opinion I've got one and love it - whilst it's not voice activated it's always right by the bed so tapping it on the top to speak isn't an issue (I never use the app at all - that would be a right faff). We've got other Alexa devices (Echo, Echo Show and a Dot) but this works great for what we wanted it for - I'm not sure I'd want it as my only Alexa device as I use them for controlling lights, TV etc where I do want it to be voice activated without having to touch to talk, but as a bedside clock that I can use for the odd Alexa interaction then it's spot on. The manufactures are pretty decent too and have pushed a few updates with new features since I've owned it. Is it a good as a Spot for a bedroom clock? No, of course it's not but it's a fraction of the price at just over £30. I'll probably replace it with a Spot if I find a decent deal on one (mainly because I think it looks a bit cheap and plasticy, probably because it is!) but for the price I've been happy with it.


Looks a bit like an Aether cone speaker.

Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD U3 128GB Class 10 100M/S Card £38.48 @ DX
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
I've been looking for a 128GB U3 Micro SD card for less than £40 for a while and this looks like a good deal! Update 13/01/18 : DX are now classing this item as a MVP (Most Valuab… Read more
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A memory card is hardly like a mechanical HDD, in theory there is no reason it shouldn't last for has no moving parts. As has been said before a used card would have no greater chance of failing than a new one it's all just dumb luck and obviously a degree of care taken with the card plays a role


My mum isn’t particularly tech savvy but still understands signing into Google or iCloud to organise the backup (it’s automatic, one-click stuff). My point is, your treasured moments can’t be that treasured if you’re relying on a single point of failure, whether that’s a £1000 phone or a cheap £40 one with an SD slot or just a writable disc. If they’re really not tech savvy, would they even understand what an SD card is And I would disagree, the kind of person buying from CeX is the opposite - probably slightly more clued up than someone who just goes to Amazon for every single item.


bare in mind, the sort of person buying a used sd card from cex, is the sort of person who is probably not going to be particularly tech savvy, and know about what you have mentioned. That doesn't make their "treasured meoments" any less precious.


That’s not how memory cards work. When they fail they become read-only (broadly speaking) and even a used card is not really more likely to succumb to that than a new one as the total writes are so low. And I don’t want to be a dick but if they are really treasured moments and you haven’t taken additional precautions (Google Photos is free for starters) then you’ve kind of sealed your own fate - as if the only copy was kept on the phone, theft or loss would be equally as dangerous


i think the biggest risk, is losing treasured moments, taking pictures on a card, that later turns out be corrupting your images because its worn out.

Women's Sexy Open Breasts Bundled Straps SM Teddy Lingerie - Red £2.57 free delivery
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Open breasts bundled straps teddy lingerie allows to show your large breasts and make you hot and attractive; Put on it and enjoy a wonderful and exciting night with your lover; Be… Read more
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the poor person who job it is to apply the cream...................the kind of job I would do😁 for free


I told her to eat the yoghurt with a spoon, but no...... She wouldn't listen


This is more the reality...


Is it just cold for being politically incorrect? I know there is literally not much to it, but surely not one would begrudge £2.50 for that, even though sadly the bint does not come with it.


Women's Sexy Lingerie V-Shaped Pearl Decorated Thong - Black + White £2.44 free shipping at
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Women's Sexy Lingerie V-Shaped Pearl Decorated Thong - Black + White, only £2.44 with free shipping
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No one claiming it is Victoria Secrets let alone Ann Summers, it's simply a playful item not meant for high end entertaining and for £2 what do you expect real pearls?


Haha if this is your idea of adventurous then I feel sorry for your girlfriend! Trust me, nothing prudish about knowing the difference between sexy and tacky


Think that's 50 now and comments are two sides of the scale...1. from people who can't see the novelty value of this and 2. people who can? People all have different tastes and levels of fun and enjoyment some are prudish some up for adventure and try anything once....wonder which one you are? (popcorn)


An example of austerity

seamanwa11 way are those rubys real

Leeco LE Pro 3 X720 SD821 6GB 64GB B20 NFC FHD 4000mah @ DX - £151.50
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
This is the X720 so well supported on XDA. Came to 151.50 after discount at checkout Inc customs insurance 5.5" 1080x1920 pixels 16MP 2160p 6GB RAM Snapdragon 821 4070mAh Li-Ion… Read more

Barclays don't support google pay anyway :)


Actually I've never used android pay and do not know :( And to throw another spanner in the works I just changed roms a little earlier today to a new Oreo AICP Which is working well as far as I can tell :D and my banking app works (Barclays) which is one of the reasons I changed from resurrection remix ;) I could not get Barclays app working no matter what I tried on the old one...


is android pay working on that rom?


Just a small update, I am a little bored of the stock android and the eui so I am currently using Resurrection Remix (Android N 7.1.2) And with a few tweaks here and there in the settings it's a totally different phone ;) Well worth the change of rom if you are thinking of doing it!


Official rom with Google apps but without working android pay cos of the eui

DOOGEE MIX LITE 5.2" Android 7.0 4G Phone w/ 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM - £74.93 @ DX (Blue OR Black)
Found 11th Nov 2017Found 11th Nov 2017
Yep, the all important Band 20 so suitable for UK - MT6737 Quad-Core, IPS HD 13.0MP 13.0MP Dual Rear Cameras, 8.0MP, GPS, OTA, EU Plug, Android 7.0 1 x Doogee MIX LITE Phone 1 x … Read more
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nothing wrong with chinese phones


My son has had two doogees and both proved to be good phones for the price. He smashed both screens. I couldn’t find anyone to refit screens for Chinese phones in the U.K., so wouldn’t buy another. I tried myself but failed on one of them.


THESE days it's not that hard to flash phones, you got to just choose good hardware and get rid of stock. I don't even keep stock ROM [bar warranty period] on branded phones as they come with tons of crap, or do not update after 2 years [BT hole, wifi hole]


It is exactly these kind of questionable channels that are also most likely to suffer from a "pre-infected" Android that sends all your data to China. Usually I would not consider that worth the risk.


Hmm 'lossless digital zoom'..not too sure about that.

Xiaomi Xiaoyi 1080P 16MP Sports Camera w/ Monopod Remote (Travel Kit) £43.60 DealExtreme
Found 10th Nov 2017Found 10th Nov 2017 have the international version of the Xiaomi sports camera including remote and monopod. Available white or black. This is an excellent camera had mine for over a year bu… Read more

Amazon do this case for £8®-Underwater-Waterproof-Protective-Housing-Black/dp/B00YY9UKVW/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_421_bs_lp_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=96F0QP0FVBCYYZ2TXAR7 and sell the camera alone without remote and monopod for £59.99


Ive looked on DX For a waterproof case to go with this. Are they all compatible? Cheers

Geekworm Raspberry Pi enclosure + Fan - currently £16.36 using voucher @ DealExtreme
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
I've seen some pretty bad enclosures that are going for this look, but I actually really like this one, it definitely looks more solid and well made, that's for sure. Comes with th… Read more

I had the same email about the delay so you should get yours any day now - mine came via Yodel. I was expecting it to be a lot longer after I got the email so was pleasently suprised.


Mine was turned back at customs and had to be resent via a different method, should be the reason for the delay. Hopefully will get it soon. Got the pi and image all set up, just need the case now.


Got mine this morning


Mine has arrived at my local depot today. Shouldn't be long now. Still haven't bought a Pi to put in it anyway


anybody received this yet?

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One £168.31 at  DealExtreme
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
Probably cheaper on previous other posts, but couldn't get some voucher codes that worked or deal probably expired. Trying to find the deal again, the cheapest so far that I could … Read more
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BB, I look to you for my xioami advice :D what you reckon with the A1? ive ordered a RN4 for the Mrs, im tempted by this one. if you buy from AE, which seller do you recommend? is the MI Online store the genuine store or someone pretending to be them? its either that or the RN4 though the pure android experience plus very good reviews plus updates swaying to this one.


anyone know of a genuine reliable seller on Aliexpress whom I can get this phone from? ive ordered a redmi 4 for the mrs but im sold on this one. stock android, really good reviews.


I was too and decided to go for the A1, i traded the battery life for a andriodone phone, and dual cam.


Think the black versions took longer to come into stock.


Yes stock Android 7.1.2 with a few Xiaomi apps that can be uninstalled, it will be updated to Android 8.0 & 9.0.

Motorola MOTO M Android 6.0 Smartphone w/ 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM - Golden at
Found 27th Aug 2017Found 27th Aug 2017
5.5" FHD, Dual SIM, IPS, Helio P15, Octa-core, 8MP+16MP Cameras, BT4.1, 3050mAh, US Plugs
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I assume you'll get zero warranty with this?


It should get 3G on all. 4G is more a matter of conjecture - some will argue that it will work fine on all bar o2 (and o2 MVNO like Tesco & GiffGaff), but all the main 4 UK networks have band 20 (which this does not), the only band this is true of, so it will not get 4G everywhere that a phone with band 20 will on ANY network should be a safe conclusion. Since the networks don't publish band maps, it is impossible to know to what extent. Where there are options that appear better spec'd and cheaper with band 20 (Global version Xiaomi Note 4), this seems like the wrong bet! It may actually get 4G on o2 in some limited cities (they have begun to roll out 1800MHz 4G in major cities); mentioned as only fair to be balanced, but still the facts remain that this seems far from a good bet.


So is this only 2G compatible in the UK? I went to GSMArena and cycled through all the variants of this phone and it says no 3G or 4G for any UK networks (from what I can find)?


Thank you for this info, and yes i did have this and didn't know it was called ghosting, it only did it when i tried to look at phone when plugged in never any other time, sent it in for repair, appears to mended it now as not done again


Just sit back and laugh - not the cheapest price for the brand, which is not the cheapest or best item (even in the no warranty chinese phones category)! Gets 500 degrees! Morons & sheep effect in full flow!

Summer Quick Dry Men's Removable Pants reduced from £18.11 to £16.11 delivered, at
Found 18th Aug 2017Found 18th Aug 2017
Because I'm so fed up with wearing non-removable pants. :{

Yes, it's a cunning plan on their part, isn't it? 'Money back guarantee', indeed. Hmph.


I wanted to send their non-removable ones back but…....


And not only vote, I imagine. (cheeky)


As a naturist, I have to vote cold.


Perhaps they haven't invented removable ones yet.