Dylon Good as New. 29p @ Home Bargain

Dylon Good as New. 29p @ Home Bargain

LocalFound 10th Nov 2016
Dylon Good as New cotton and linen renovator.

de-fuzz removing lint
restores fabric
revives colours
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Has anybody tried it does it work?
Tried it today and it doesn't de-fuzz at all - glad I didn't pay £2.99 at Robert Dyas! You can only ever use it once in the lifetime of a garment, so if it's prone to fuzzing then it wouldn't have solved the problem anyway, as it would eventually come back.
I have used this product , once to restore a black heavyweight motorcycle hoodie that had become dull and grey , and it revitilised the colour and restored the smoothness of the fabric. I was so impressed that I decided that all the red T-Shirts Id worn that had faded out when bike riding almost to a "pink" would be worth a go. These T shirts have motifs on them and are extremely expensive being Harley Davidson brands. We used the product again , 5 shirts in the wash , and they have come out gleaming and back to the same vibrant colour they were when I bought them over the last 5 years . It could work so well as our water is amazingly clean and pure, no calcium or build up, But it is a great product, a little pricey if doing one product , but Im now getting all my Blue T shirts to "restore" them .. Its a wiiner for me
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