Dynamic Jumpstarter was £74.99 now £49.99 R+C @ Halfords

Dynamic Jumpstarter was £74.99 now £49.99 R+C @ Halfords

Found 7th Jan 2010
Whether you have a dodgy car or are in to kinky bondage this may be the deal for you. He looks like a little yellow robot with twin pistols and the theory is he starts your car for you.

Dynamic Jump Starter has a 17 Amp hour - sealed lead acid bttery. It is non spillable and maintenance free.

Suitable for use on all types of vehicle with gel, standard, maintenance free and wet batteries
17 Amps Charge power
Alternator check built in
Weight 6.7kg
Dimensions (LxDxH): 355x110x380mm
12 months guarantee
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Maplins have this same product for £25
sorry been able to get these alot cheaper than this for a long time .....
£20 in most other places
Useless things, rubbish batteries in them, go flat very quickly. I used to work in the car trade so I do know what I'm talking about.
crap deal, gave £20 for mine about 3 years ago, and its brilliant. saved me and my motorbikes, and cars loads of times voted cold rubbish deal
Utterly USELESS!

Get a battry charger and a small tyre pump.
Looks identical to the Maplin one, however it depends what the build quality of this one is like.
The Maplin one is basically a cheap copy and of poor quality hence its only £25.
Cheapest of the cheap Tat these, dont get me wrong for £20 (what they normally sell for) they save the day quite well.

how on earth can they put an RRP of £75 thats rediculous!!

I lost the charger for my one so stripped it down for bare parts and they were all rubbish including the battery.
The guys in Breaking Bad could have done with one of these!
These are overpriced. Cheap quality. The only plus is that the jump leads are far longer than the maplin one,
where can you get a cheaper one? Apart from maplins. Twice over the last two years the kids left the interior light on leaving a flat battery in the morning. First time the neighbour helped and the second time called in the breakdown service.

It will be nice to have this handy in the home.
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