Dynasty Warriors: Fighters Battle £9.99 delivered

Dynasty Warriors: Fighters Battle £9.99 delivered

Found 20th Apr 2008
Sorry if posted. Don't forget quidco.

Dynasty Warriors: Fighter's Battle

Time to team up with the legendary Dynasty Warriors and save Ancient China. Rival kingdoms and hordes of rebel soldiers are on the attack. In the Tactical Action game, Dynasty Warriors: Fighter's Battle, players must reunite a divided nation, but this is a challenge they will not face alone. History's mightiest warriors are ready to join the battle. Plus, with the awesome of the Musou attack players will have the power to stop entire gangs of enemies in one sweeping strike! You won't want to miss the action for all the tea in China!

Real-time tactical action now on the Nintendo DS system!

Play as one of 3 new fighters, and team up with some of your favourite Dynasty Warriors!

12 unique stages. Watch out for traps - even fight on the deck of a rocking ship.

Distract your opponents with the new Obstacle Roulette system.

Wireless Vs. Mode for up to 3 players.

Collect cards, build your Battle Deck, and find the most powerful combination - 120 cards in all!


Was in the HMV sale recently for only £6.99. Cold.

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Was in the HMV sale recently for only £6.99. Cold.

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