Dyson Air Multiplier AM03 and AM02 @ BestBuy £149.99

Dyson Air Multiplier AM03 and AM02 @ BestBuy £149.99

Found 31st Dec 2011
Not for everyone, pretty expensive for a fan, but cheap if you're in the market for one.
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Its the cheapest ive ever seen but due to the nature of the product. An overpriced fan it wont get hot.
Do they have the dyson hot heater as well?
Man, you guys are hard to please

Anyway, for those interested, there isn't much left at BestBuy at Merry Hill, so there is additional discounts on what's left.
did you get one yourself?
Yes I did
Are they really as noisy as the reviews suggest?
Noisy?? No, I've had it running next to my normal fan to test and compare.
Thank you. Love the idea, but was put off by reviewers saying they were overly loud
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they are pretty loud. heard one in an electrical store and was very audible even over the rather loud general background noise. had to be turned up to high setting before any decent airflow. really cannot see the point when a £10 fan works better.
yeah they were at BestBuy hayes last week and I was unimpressed with the performance, especially given the price
Why Mr Dyson? What for? If it ain't broke...

Although, this is no fix, obviously. Just an expensive novelty.
Don't knock Mr Dyson - Com up with a great idea, mass produce in China and then tell everyone how great Britain is doing - Kerchinggg!
Google will show you the "science" behind the fans. Fancied one for years until i looked into how they actually work.
Very expensive fan.

Yes I did

nice! pics ... or it didnt happen


nice! pics ... or it didnt happen


Regarding noise, don't get me wrong, it's blowing air, so it is not whisper quiet at max, but it is same as my normal fan

nice, ...it did happen
awesome fans and an awesome price
just not many fans here
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