Dyson Clean and Tidy Kit - £19.99 @ Amazon

Dyson Clean and Tidy Kit - £19.99 @ Amazon

Found 25th Nov 2012
This is the cheapest it's every been (according to the 'Camelizer')


1 x Dyson Clean and Tidy Kit multi –tool storage roll bag
1 x Dyson Stubborn dirt brush
1 x Dyson Flexi crevice tool
1 x Dyson Soft dusting brush
1 x Dyson Mattress tool


Heat added, don't know which one to go with though this one or the currys one, i know this has 4 tools and the currys only has 3 but i already own a stubborn dirt brush and the basic crevice tool????



I remember getting one of these FREE with a Dyson. I sold it on the 'Bay for £40.

many thanks. Just come in from Currys where my wife saw two of these tools and wanted them. Those alone were £29 so getting this whole set today for just £20 was an excellent find. Thanks for the post.

cheers for noticing this bud :), ordered




Brilliant find, thank you

Just bought this set a couple of weeks ago for £23 for my DC33 from
Tesco Direct, but can't seem to get the bits to fit. It's supposed to
Be suitable for all Dysons. Gonna have another look now, actually

One more tick in the wifes good books. Thanks OP

Well done, just ordered this rather than the Curry's deal. many thanks

Hmmm thought this was the handheld kit.

Good deal nevertheless!
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