Dyson DC-20 stowaway vacuum cleaner 149.99 @ sainsburys

Dyson DC-20 stowaway vacuum cleaner 149.99 @ sainsburys

Found 24th Jan 2010
In-store in Sainsburys Witney, Oxfordshire and Barnet, north London.

Seemed a good deal to me and £10 off the Argos deal a while ago.

£100 off rrp. To £149.99

first post so go easy.

Not sure how to add a pic from an iPhone?



Not been given good reviews I'm afraid. I was looking for a pic for you and found the reviews page.


Bit of a Marmite review page that one - They either love it or hate it so I'd say it was a little subjective.

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Oh dear. Thought all dysons were good.

Will be using one later so will report first impressions later.

Out Of Stock !!!!!!!!


Out Of Stock !!!!!!!!

Three left in Chingford store near the magazine isles.

Quite a few left at the Orpington store in Kent, if anyone is interested.

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Wow. It's great. Really powerful and well thought out design.

Like to know a better small vacuum for £150.
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