Dyson DC 41i Animal £309.99 Posted at Purewell

Dyson DC 41i Animal £309.99 Posted at Purewell

Found 19th Feb 2014
Not everyone's cup of tea, and there have been past cheaper deals, but if you are looking to buy this model, this is the best cuurent price I have found by far, and the retailer seems to be reliable.
This is advertised as coming with the current version of the Tangle-free Turbine tool, some being sold (like at John Lewis) still have the older version
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whats with the 'i' ?
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Forgot to say. They also take Paypal. If , like me, you want delivery to your work place, it is not possible if you use a credit card as they will only delivery to the registered address of the card. If you have a confirmed work address with Paypal, use that and problem solved
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@crazy, I wondered that and think it is because it is a different colour and includes a stiff brush ?
Lulz @ £310 for a vacuum
Terrible terrible company. Even the owner chris just ignores customers once they've made a sale! Wouldn't go near this lot!
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Fair enough if that was your experience. I will post when I am happy.....of not. But I should be safe. As I said, I used Paypal and that has pay after delivery. And for any problems afterwards; this is a Dyson, you just go to them anyway of course
Bought this last week on paypal. Delivered it to my work address. 5 years warranty cheapest one about at the moment and it sucks (in a good way)
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Delivered this morning and they even managed to include an additional tool that I ordered but that they said was out of stock on Wednesday.
Lovely bit of kit, but still can't get excited about housework
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