DYSON DC 59 £319.99 +free 4 tools and delivery call up offer only

DYSON DC 59 £319.99 +free 4 tools and delivery call up offer only

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Found 27th Dec 2013
I was looking around for the best price for the Dyson DC 59 and ended up calling them to find out they had a deal for £30 off retail price and also chuck in 4 free tools as well. Plus free delivery. This offer is only available if you call up dyson direct from their website number 0800 298 0298
Not sure how long offer is valid for.
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Just called them and couldn't get any further discount RRP.
Did you call them on the number above?
That's strange I said I was calling up about the DC 59 and straight away she told me about the offer. Maybe it's because I bought something from there before a few months ago. I was only going to ask about free tools and they offer both free tools and £30 off. Can try phone back and say a friend got this offer today?
Thank you SATZ2000. Phoned them up today and got the £30 off, free tool kit and delivery. I know I can get it cheaper somewhere else online but the customer service is top notch. It is part of their loyalty scheme.
Worked for me here.
Just asked a few questions about it, how it compares to my existing Dyson DC08.
Then asked about difference between DC58 and 59, said I would like the DC59 but there is a large price difference, 'is there anything you can do about the price?'.
They spoke to the 'finance dept' and took it down to £319, free tool kit and inc. P&P.
Thanks SATZ2000
Thanks! It worked for me! They called it a loyalty offer for people who already have Dyson products.
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